Wooden furniture adds to the eloquence and ambience of a house. It gives a rustic, yet modern feel. Whether the theme of your home is traditional, modern, minimalistic or retro, wooden furniture is a go-to for every theme. Wooden furniture is an investment on its own, due to its price and value. And it is crucial to take extra care of wood. While wooden furniture lasts a long run, it is essential to maintain it right in order to keep it looking as radiant as ever. An age-old question that boggles every home enthusiasts mind is ‘how to clean wooden furniture at home’?

When you purchase wooden furniture, you are handed sole responsibility for that piece of furniture. Being the main caregiver, regular cleaning is a must. In the event wherein you don’t have the time to dedicate to maintaining furniture, you can always rent furniture. This way, deep cleaning services for furniture are given free of cost. You can always find a hack like this, to avoid this ordeal, but if you have your own furniture, it’s time to get started on cleaning now! Here are some tips as to how to clean wooden furniture.

Begin with the basics

The last thing you want on your precious furniture is layers of dust. Bi-weekly, if not day-to-day dusting, wiping and vacuuming is essential to help furniture maintain its shine. This is the most basic answer to ‘how to clean wooden furniture’. Additionally, one must ensure that the cracks in the furniture and the cushions on it are also regularly dusted.

Go beyond the surface

While regular vacuuming and dusting are important, it is important not to forget periodic deep cleaning. Deep cleaning ensures that the wood lasts longer, and prevents damage to the furniture by many folds. Deep cleaning can be done in numerous ways and takes a tad bit more effort and time than a mere dusting.

Eradicate stubborn marks

Many stains are difficult and no amount of scrubbing erases them. In such a scenario, do not panic. Stick to household basics such as baking soda. Knowing for its cleansing properties, baking soda plays a vital role in removing tough stains including ink stains. By making a paste out of 1 tbsp baking soda mixed with 1 tsp and rubbing it on the stain with a cloth, eradicates it.

Fight those water stains

Water stains always stand out, diminishing the aesthetic appeal of any piece of furniture. Water rings are formed from glasses, bottles or other vessels that carry hot or cold water. Using non-gel based toothpaste on the spot, accompanied by gentle rubbing of a cloth erases these stains. For stubborn stains, mixing baking soda with the water works too.

Eliminate old polish

Old polish that has stayed on the surface of the furniture for many years decreases its shine. Using black tea helps eliminate this polish. Simply dip a soft fabric cloth in room temperature tea, and use this damp piece of cloth to clean the wooden furniture. You will notice an instant lustre and shine in the wood due to the tannic acid from the tea.

Some vinegar to do the trick

We often underestimate the power of household items when it comes to cleaning, and vinegar is one such item we take for granted. Mixing half a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water is an excellent way to clean furniture. Dip a cloth in this mixture, squeeze the water out of it, and wipe over the furniture for a wonderful sheen.

Remove that odour

Odour is something you just can’t avoid, no matter how much you clean. It is found in furniture with drawers and cabinets, slowly reeking its way to your possessions. Filling the drawer with coffee is one way to remove odour overnight. Another method is to leave a bowl of bleach in the draw for a couple of days. Bid goodbye to bad odour!

Polish the right way

Polishing furniture helps it maintain a shine, making it look sparkling new. Polishing on a bi-yearly basis is one answer to ‘how to clean wooden furniture at home’. Mixing equal proportions of olive oil with vinegar does the trick. Rub this mixture onto your furniture with a soft cloth and watch your furniture shine like never before.

Prevention is better than cure

As the age old saying goes, it definitely makes sense to protect your furniture from unnecessary damage. Using furniture covers, table clothes, coasters and other such protectors ensures that your furniture is exposed to lesser dust, stains and moisture. And Voila! Your cleaning requirements reduce by a large margin.

These are some basic ways as to how to clean wooden furniture at home. Although most of them work, it is important to clean your furniture based on the wood type.

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