Renting furniture from us is awesome. Here’s why....

Great design, beautifully put together

Rent furniture packages that feature award-winning design. Each package completes your home as our designers carefully match furniture with exquisite soft furnishing, home decor and accessories.

Stay Mobile, Stay Free

Don’t be troubled by the evils of ownership. With Furlenco, you can be flexible with your furniture. It’s here when you want it, gone when you don’t. Enjoy free relocation when you move and feel free to swap between newer designs when bored.

We don’t just ship

Think of us as the romantics of the service industry. We don’t just ship your furniture. Instead, our experts deliver it in record time, usually in 72 hours, and set-it up in a heartbeat at absolutely no cost. We do this at a time of your convenience and clean up right after.

Guess what’s cheaper?


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Easy on the wallet

Our plans start as low as INR 999/month and you can pay as you go. There’s no hefty upfront payment, as all our packages are available through a tiny deposit. The best part is that customers who sign-up for long-term plans enjoy delicious discounts.

We do all of this in 72 hours
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