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About Us

The Founding Story

In 2011, Ajith, our founder, moved to Bengaluru from New Jersey, USA. And when he tried to sell his furniture in less than two years after buying it, he got only 10% of the original value.
That is when he realised the pains of owning furniture, especially for a generation that is always on the move, looking to seize the next big opportunity.
And thus, Furlenco was born - To give everyone access to awesome furniture without any hassles. Plus, the complete freedom to use it for as long as they want or change it as per their needs.

Who are we?

We call ourselves a different furniture company for several reasons.

Freedom of Choice: Our wide range of furniture is inspired by the evolving needs and growing lifestyle of the urban Indian.
Freedom of Access: You are the best judge of how your life is evolving. So we offer you multiple ways to access furniture, be it to rent, subscribe, or buy, whatever suits you the best.
Freedom to Change: We love our furniture so much that we will happily buy it back and offer assured credits for you to redeem for something new.

So with Furlenco, you can ‘rent, subscribe, buy and repeat’, all under one roof, without running to multiple stores or websites. And at a fraction of the time, effort, and cost.