Don’t fear the ‘Budget’. Be DiffeRENT!

There were beads of sweat on his forehead. His palms turned cold. His mind went blank. He froze. All he wanted to do was run away. But why? Because someone said the ‘B’ word.

Budget. That dreaded word that can send shivers down most of our spines. It’s almost as if you are Harry Potter and the Budget is a Dementor, sapping away all the happiness from your life. But don’t worry. We have a Patronus Charm for this Dementor. Repeat the spell after us. It’s called ‘Be DiffeRENT’. Say it louder, ‘Be DiffeRENT’.

‘Be DiffeRENT’ let’s you enjoy today and plan for tomorrow without having a worry in your mind. ‘Be DiffeRENT’ let’s you live better now while also allowing you to dream bigger. ‘Be DiffeRENT’ takes away the problem of a big investment when it comes to your furniture.

For most of us, one of our many aspirations is a dream home. And while we toil day in and day out, saving up our hard-earned money for the life we want 10-20 years from now, Furlenco is here to let you realise that dream home right now. And in doing that, you have enough and more left in your wallet to pursue all your other dreams as well — whatever they may be.

So Be DiffeRENT. Don’t let the ‘Budget’ tie you down. Rent awesome furniture and live an awesome life.

PS: There are a lot of things money can’t buy. So be diffeRENT and rent!

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