“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus

Imagine walking into a home where all the rooms look the same. Same furniture, same paint, same layout, same everything.

One would probably die of boredom and monotony, right?

This is why conceptualising the central and singular themes across rooms is the first step towards creating a balanced design. Here we present simple home decor ideas that blend together effortlessly and give your home a unique happy vibe:

Think Purpose: Room-by-Room

Every room has a different function depending on your needs. By extension, the design should add to the function and not take away from it. So before you begin, prioritise your rooms basis the functionality. You could start with the room you spend the most time in. Some examples include kids room, powder/closet room, storage room, master bedroom, among others. Handy tip: Please remember that there’s no need to match the style of every room – you could go for the “apples and oranges” approach.

Begin at the Beginning: The Entryway

Room by Room Home Decor Guide- Entryway

Make an entrance (pun not intended) with bold textures, patterns, and bright colours. The entryway decor doesn’t have to be limited to larger-than-life carpets and huge paintings. You can bring life to it (literally) with indoor plants and offbeat lighting. Do some research and Pinterest away!

The Focal Point: The Living Room

Room by Room home decor guide- living room

One of the most exciting spaces to decorate, you can get real creative when decorating the living room. Go for the transitional style – a unique blend of modern and traditional – which is apt for Victorian or colonial style homes. Or try the contemporary look with minimalistic furnishings that focus on bringing out the natural features of your home. Take a look at Furlenco’s award-winning floor solution, “Bounce M” or choose from a vast variety of furnishings perfect for a living room of any kind.

Haven For Your Beauty Sleep: The Bedroom

Room by Room home decor guide- bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decor, there are plenty of options to choose from. From the light and airy Swedish style to the minimalistic, modern theme – choose whatever fancies your design sensibilities. Additionally, you can go for wooden flooring which is the popular choice of interior decorators today. Using bold, contrasting furnishings also adds plenty of character to the room.  Furlenco brings to you a host of master bed styles that go with all kinds of themes – eccentric or simple.

The Most Sacred Space: The Bathroom

Room by Room Home Decor Guide- Bathroom

Accept it – we’ve all had our share of bathroom dancing, singing, and even incessant crying. There’s something about creating your own space in the bathroom, right? So why not make it a beautiful one? We suggest you go for a calming spa-like feel complete with pebble stones, wood, bamboo, the works for the fittings and furnishings. You could also have a magazine stand, beautify with curtains and indoor plants if the space allows. Or ride the tech wave and install remote-controlled toilets with programmable lights.

Back to the Basics: The Backyard

Room by Room Home Decor Guide- Backyard

If you’re one of the lucky few who has a backyard or hell, even a balcony, there are some really cool things you can experiment with. Give your neighbours some serious #homegoals and start dedicating areas for diverse recreational activities. You could build a “BBQ corner” or have a trampoline-like Phil does in Modern Family. In terms of decor, opt for bright, contrasting furniture that’s custom-made for outdoor purposes and make sure it’s well LIT (literally). Take a look at Furlenco’s outdoor collection to get the ball rolling.   

Long story short, every room has a story to tell so make sure it’s a good one. What do you think works well with home decor? Feel free to comment below.

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