Of all the things being said about millennials today, there’s one that rings particularly true: we are a generation that values experience above all else. We are a generation constantly on the go, moving in one direction: forward.

Most of us aren’t tied down to a place, we aren’t held back by obligations to family and tradition.

Is that such a bad thing? To refuse to be defined by the things we own? To see ownership of things for what it really is: as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

It isn’t as cool to own things as it once was. Many people prefer to ridesharing over vehicle ownership. They prefer to rent furniture instead of owning it; they choose to order in instead of dining out; they like the convenience of streaming our entertainment instead of a trip to the cinema.

Why you ask? Because it is hassle-free.

Conscious millennials see their needs constantly evolving: why go through the trouble of buying that washing machine or wardrobe when your needs won’t be the same six months from now? Why invest in something and get bogged down when you lead a nomadic lifestyle?

Living in a home is an experience, a feeling. You don’t always need to buy things to feel at home. It’s easier to rent furniture instead.

Also, people are not just concerned about how sturdy the furniture is or how long it will last when they purchase it. There are also thinking about the trouble of moving the furniture or selling them when they move houses or cities.

It is simpler to rent furniture. The transportation logistics and costs are no longer your problems. You can leave it to the furniture rental companies.

Free Relocation- Rent Furniture

Don’t like the colour of upholstery on your sofa? Or is the bed you chose too small for your needs?. Rent furniture and you have the choice of swapping out one model for the other. With you rent furniture instead of buying, you can afford to make bad choices.

Free Swap- Rent Furniture

Then there’s also the small matter of the larger costs of ownership and its effect on the environment.

In the sharing economy, you move away from a linear model of consumption to a circular one. When you rent furniture, there a higher chance that it will be reused, instead of ending up in a landfill. When you return the furniture at the end of a rental period, we refurbish the entire piece: we use safe, deep-cleaning on the fabric and surfaces or replace them entirely. We repair and polish it, making it as good as new.

So do yourself and the environment a favour: stop buying, start renting.

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