When our in-house design team sat down to brainstorm on how to go about building the kids’ study table, one thing was very clear. We didn’t want this to be furniture that any kid would associate with “boring” tasks. We wanted it to be engaging, useful, and, most importantly, fun for the kid to use.

Our research showed us that there wasn’t a kids study table that comprehensively solved for all their needs. Sure, every study table allowed for reading, writing, drawing, storing stationery, and stacking books. But, is that it? We wanted to push the boundaries of what a kids study table can be. Not only from a functional perspective. But, more so from an emotional perspective. Furniture that a kid didn’t just use. But felt happy using. That was the goal. This meant revisiting the functional aspects of the study table.

Enough space for everything

The first clear insight was that there is generally no dedicated space for keeping a school bag. And therefore, it just gets dumped anywhere. We decided to incorporate a dedicated storage space for this.

Kids study table

Kids study table

As kids grow older, the number of books increases, the size of the books increase, and they have more things to store in general. Ergo, more storage. But without compromising on safety. That’s why we introduced a bucket-like compartment.which is especially useful for storing small objects or books.

Focusing on safety

Now, because this is a kids study table, safety was paramount. We understood that parents needed to feel confident enough to let their kids engage with the study table. So, instead of shelves,  we employed lightweight, fabric baskets that act as drawers. A deep one for books and other things and a shallow tray for stationery.

Kids study table

The little things that make a big difference

We also observed that crayons. markers, pens, and pencils tend to roll off shelves. Hence we have introduced a slanting shelf which ensures that nothing falls off. This shelf can also be used to store books allowing for easier arrangement and access.

Education is moving towards becoming more paperless with tablets and laptops becoming part of the learning exercise. We too decided to contribute to saving the environment by reducing paper usage. Kids use up a lot of paper for practice and rough work. So, we made the table-top with marker board material. This facilitates easier practice and learning.

Kids study table

Adding the Emotional Quotient

From being the first to answer a question to an ‘Excellent’ for handwriting, kids take a lot of pride in their achievements. This is where we added a certain emotional value to the study table. With a magnetic display board that can be used to display their art, certificates, and timetables as well as a small shelf on top to display trophies or for keeping small toys.

Finally, we included a small cubby hole that is hidden away under a flap-up lid. As kids, we’ve all had those secret trinkets that we cherished. This is the perfect little hiding space for all those trinkets and maybe even a few chocolates, that they have on the sly.

With so much thought put in and with so many features, this is the ideal study table for your kid.

Not to forget, the study table also comes in themes that you can choose according to your kid’s preference. All the more fun, right? So, what are you waiting for? Rent our awesome kids study table now and make learning an amazing experience for your kid.


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