Like all great stories, this starts with you moving out of your parents’ home. You will be living by yourself, perhaps for the first time. You’re on a budget. And so, you have zeroed in on a studio apartment, or a 1RK as the brokers call it. You might think this is only temporary. You will soon be moving to bigger, better spaces. But, hey, right now, this is the place you will call home. So, why not deck it up with the right furniture? Before you argue about the cost of furnishing your place, let us clarify. We didn’t say anything about buying furniture.

Just like you’ve rented out a studio, we want you to rent furniture too. From Furlenco. Now, here are a few options that might help you live in the perfect studio.

The Single Bed

Please. Ditch the mattress. Stop “adjusting”. You’ve taken a big step to live by yourself, maybe even in a new city. There will be enough things to stress you out through the day, from the traffic to work to missing mom’s favorite cooking. The least you can do is reward yourself with a good night’s rest after a long, tiresome day. Get yourself a proper bed.

If you like to spend time reading in bed or catching up on a series on Netflix whilst lying down, a single bed with a headboard would do just fine.

Perfect studio apartment


Now, it can so happen that when you decided to move out, your mom forced you to take everything from clothes to vessels to spare bed-sheets to… oh well, moms can have really long lists. Now, you might not have a place to store everything. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to leave a mess around. That’s where a bed with storage can prove most useful.

Perfect studio apartment


Still stuck on the mattress? Fine! But, can we suggest something more aesthetic. Like the Bounce M. You can chill on it all day and if your friends come over, we’re sure they will, you will have the perfect place to hang out too.

Perfect Studio Apartment


The Study Table

Living by yourself gives you great power. Doing it right is the great responsibility. Thanks, Uncle Ben! There will be times when you have put in those long hours, be it preparing for an exam or finishing a report that had to go out yesterday. So, why burn that midnight oil in office? Come back home and stay equally, if not more, productive. Rent from a wide range of study solutions and have the perfect zone to get ‘into the zone’.

Perfect studio apartment

The Wardrobe

No home, big or small, is complete without a wardrobe. You don’t want to be living out of a suitcase all your life, right? You will shop when all our favorite e-commerce sites advertise their sales. And you’ll need space for everything you buy. Therefore, the wardrobe. Simple, clean, efficient and comes with a wooden finish to complement your study table. It’s got a nice big mirror too which might explain why you’re always five minutes late. Hey, but who doesn’t want to look good.

Perfect studio apartment


And just like you care about your appearance, your home also cares about how it looks. So, don’t just settle for anything. Don’t compromise. And don’t procrastinate. Live better now. Create your perfect studio apartment. It’s easy when you rent your furniture from Furlenco!

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