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Wow! THIS is what you attended all those coaching classes and 4 years of engineering for… You’re a software engineer, at last. And you landed a posting in your dream city, yes!! You’ve been in Bengaluru for 2 years now, you rent a cute mom-approved 1BHK in ITPL, Whitefield, and you wear fancy clothes and a Fossil watch. At work, you hear about on-sites, and how all the other guys love them because they’ve been able to make down-payments on their own small apartments with their overseas DA across multiple postings. Wow! This on-site business must be amazing! And you start to dream about the day they’ll send you on one…

And then it happens to you. You look around your little rented flat, and the one huge suitcase you’ve packed, and with a song in your heart, you leave. Your H1-fueled, dollar-daily-allowance paying, first ever on-site posting… Score!

2 more years pass.

On-sites suck! You’re sick of scrounging for ‘deals’ in the U.S., only to buy presents for relatives back home. All in order to perpetuate the myth that you’re a dollar-splurging DUDE. You eat cheap, miss home food and share flats with other homesick fellow like yourself. Some of them are ok, some are @$$ho!es. You return to your flat in Bengaluru- it’s dusty, and musty-smelling. You have to find a maid all over again, and pay her extra to make the place liveable. Once you’ve done that, just about settled-in, the phone rings again- your Project Lead is asking you to pack for the next one. Dammit!

On-sites are now your H1-fueled worst nightmare. Dante’s First Circle of hell – Limbo. A dhobhi-ka-kutta life. So we’ve composed an ode, commiserating with your plight, if you’d permit us…

Oh on-site, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways…

All my life gets boxed, and suitcase’d.
I’ll wash my own underwear, how debased!
If I forget, I run dry; no matter how I cry
it’s then do or die time – wash, or buy.

No curd-rice anywhere in sight!
How will I sleep well at night?
Everyone’s dressed cooler than me.
So it’s off to the mall for new Nikes.

Ganpati on my desktop, Leone in my dreams
At least PornHD’s not banned here; I’ll make it, so it seems
I browse in my work cubicle spare time, I’m 25 you see.
To wait longer, mom says, would be a waste of my degree.

Behaving myself in public is such a tedious chore.
Saying ‘please’ ‘thank you’ ‘sorry’, until you lose the score.
So as much as I love those dollars, when I get my PL’s call,
Telling me I’m being shipped out, it makes my heart go small.

Getting back on track… We at Furlenco can’t make being on the bench and on-sites/off-sites any more pleasurable for you, but we can promise that if you’re our customer, you can save money on your otherwise idle furniture while you’re away. Here’s how. Let’s say you’ve hired a 1BHK set from us – bed, sitting and dining sets – on monthly rent from us, and you get posted away for a while. Relax, give us a call, we have a service called Pause. Give us a week’s notice, we will come and pick up the furniture from your home. There won’t be any rentals charged for that period. Once you’re due back in town, let us know, and we’ll set up your home up again in a jiffy! Spiffy, no?

So give us a look at, take a leisurely stroll through our collections, and oh-so-likeable after-sales services. We’ve designed our offering completely in sync with the way you live today with value-adds like Pause, Swap, 3-hour setup, free annual cleaning and maintenance checks… They won’t make work-life any less crappy, or project on-sites any less irritating, but your home will be your adda – a hassle-free and happy place, where even calls from your PL can’t faze you.

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