We have all taken a New Year resolution at some point in our lives. And surely a lot of us continue to. Whether these resolutions panel out to be something real and concrete, one can never say. Nevertheless, New Year resolutions are a great way to channel energy to achieve something. Mostly aimed at self-improvement, New Year resolutions help us to focus, to push, and mostly to be better versions of ourselves.

Statistics say that most New Year resolutions are abandoned within the very first month. Shocking isn’t? But carefully analyze every resolution you’ve taken, and you might see the pattern there. One New Year resolution to easily keep up with, and achieve are design resolutions. With the objective of improving your living space, we’ve put together some snazzy New Year design resolutions to spruce up your space.

Add some green

Living Room Decor- Add Green

We couldn’t focus on this point enough. One of the most popular design trends today includes adding indoor plants to the living space. It purifies the air, regulates the temperature and adds its bit of aesthetic value to the room.

Keep the furniture simple

Living Room Decor- Blending

Furniture often adds to the overall cluttering of a space. Using multi-functional furniture helps in keeping it simple. There’s nothing like a sofa, a bed and storage wrapped into one sleek piece of furniture, right?

Copper is in

What rose gold was to home décor in 2018, copper is for 2019. Designers and stylists have predicted copper to be the ‘it colour’ when it comes to décor. Either way, copper is mellow, versatile and blends in with most rooms effortlessly.

Monochrome is the way to go

Home Decor- Wall Art

Using black’s, white’s and everything in between is perhaps our favourite New Year design resolution. Timeless and classy, the monochrome look adds a sense of boldness and panache, while keeping it simple and basic.

Add some geometric patterns

Much like 2018, geometric patterns see a bright future in 2019 as well. Adding geometric elements to décor always works well. What’s more interesting is adding geometric furniture.

Say hello to matte

Lifestyle on a budget- Benefits of Sharing Economy

Over the years, glossy/shining furniture has been less popular. While matte décor and furniture are preferred. 2019 sees this trend continuing, particularly with pastel and bold matte colours coming into the picture. This is a design resolution we’re taking seriously.

Focus on the bedrooms

Mirrors- Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Bedroom décor often takes a backseat compared to living room décor. Being your sacred space, a little focus must be channelled towards bedrooms. From a dressing table to a side table, to a super comfy bed, to a functional wardrobe, every element is a must.

Throw in some wallpapers

Walls play a crucial role in defining a space. And what better way to decorate your walls, than with wallpapers? With the option of changing it according to the trends, wallpapers are a versatile and easy way to add some oomph to any space.

Floral patterns FTW

Living Room Decor- Choose a Theme

Floral patterns have gained popularity over the last few months. From walls to furniture, to décor, we see floral patterns playing a very interesting game. Adding floral elements to your space is a New Year design resolution that you can’t go wrong with.

A throwback to the ’70s

The 70’s décor theme is said to make a comeback in 2019. We’ve already focused on the geometric patterns which were integral to the ’70s. We also see the coming of peppy, bold colours, and different textures that made the 70’s what it is.

Although we can’t predict every viral design prospective for 2019, we’ve added our top picks that you can’t go wrong with. With the change of years, seasons and trends, one thing must always remain constant – the feeling of home.

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