One thing we all tend to neglect is the kids’ room. Neglect refers to the lack of effort we put into making it appealing to the child, as we tend to design it from our point of view. The interesting thing about kids wall décor is the fact that the possibilities are endless, and in many cases – easy to execute. The right kind of kids room wall décor will transform the space into a centre of playing, learning and fun. When combined with the right kid-friendly furniture, your kid is in for a treat. Renting furniture gives room to frequent change in these kids room wall décor as your kid grows. Here are some kids’ wall décor ideas which will brighten up your little one’s room:

A cartoon goes a long way

Kids Wall Decor- Cartoon
Source: Pinterest

Most kids have a favourite cartoon character that they look up to. Placing their favourite characters on the walls gives the little ones a sense of security and comfort. You can paint it, use cartoon wallpaper or hang framed posters to complete this look.

Pin-up boards

Kids Wall Decor- Pin Up Board
Source: Pinterest

Whether it is to hang their art masterpieces or their achievements, or even reminders, a pin-up board has infinite possibilities. This way your kids can customize their bedrooms, as per their moods.

Framed art for the win

Kids Wall Decor- Framed Art
Source: Pinterest

Framed art can be anything. It can be abstract child-friendly drawings, to framed posters, to positive quotes for kids. An assortment of framed art is one of the most popular kids’ wall décor ideas today, with good reason.

Play with soft colours

Kids Wall Decor- Soft Colors

You don’t want your kid’s wall decor to be too overbearing or intimidating. Hence the use of soft, yet bright colours creates the perfect atmosphere. Combining different complementing colours adds that extra bit of ‘pop’ to the room.

Don’t clutter

Kids Wall Decor- Clear the clutter

Clutter is always an eye-sore. And since kids tend to clutter the floor with toys, books and their other belongings, it makes sense to keep the walls a little less cluttered. Simple, functional designs always do the trick

Shelves go a long way

Kids Wall Decor- Shelves
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to kids, there isn’t ever enough storage space. You can make do of some extra space with quirky kid-friendly wall shelves that double up as décor and storage. Their toys and books decorate the room while staying off the floor.

Tapestry it up

Kids Wall Decor- Tapestry
Source: Pinterest

Tapestries are super popular kids room wall décor. They are a low investment and aren’t permanent. Hence they are easily replaceable as per the change of theme. They give a boho-vibe while adding a sense of energy to the space.

Chalkboard panels

Kids Wall Decor- Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest

This is an exciting way to urge creativity and imagination from within your child. If not a whole wall, a portion of it can be a chalkboard. Their thoughts and art now have a blank canvas in the room. Studying is made simpler too.

Find a theme

Kids Wall Decor- Theme

Depending on your child’s interest it is essential to establish an overall theme to the room. The options are plenty such as sports, princess, jungle, outer space, and circus and so on. Sit your kids down and see where their interests lie.

Include physical activity

Kids Wall Decor- Play
Source: Pinterest

Kids of today are known for their laziness and lack of physical activity. Adding a climbing wall or a climbing rope can mix things up and get them to be more active. But please do keep in mind safety precautions.

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