Nothing beats the joy of getting work done from within the comfort of a home. For all those fortunate souls out there who have the option of working from home, this is for you.

With the freedom of flexibility, comes a price. And that price is constantly working on and towards motivation, productivity and efficiency. Weaning away from a traditional work environment to a workstation at home can be quite a jump. In order to keep the productivity flowing, a proper home office setup is a must. Presenting some hacks to put the mind-boggling question of ‘how to organize a home office’ to ease.

1. Pick a location

Home Office Setup

Your home office setup needs a designated location, aka desk which is exclusively for work. Your location must take into account distractions. Eg: you don’t want a space close to the TV. It must also be bright, airy and in an easily accessible area of your home.

2. Set up the area

It is essential to ensure that your home office setup has access to plug points and charging stations. Even temperature control (not too far from the fan) and lighting (adequate natural and artificial lighting) must be on point.

3. Keep that motivation flowing

Home Office Setup- View

Once you pick out the location, you must make the area a hub of productivity. Your workstation at home must be well planned out with calendars, planners, pin-up boards, and motivational messages to keep the productivity flowing like an endless river.

4. Identify your throne

All kings may not have comfy thrones, but your home office setup must have it.  A chair of ideal height, size, foot space, back support and armrest is a must, as you’ll have to spend umpteen hours seated at that very spot.

5. Go minimalistic

Living Room Corner Decor- Workstation

De-cluttering your home office setup is a must. Sure, having everything at hand’s distance sounds good, but clutter reduces efficiency by a large margin. And contributes to distraction. Stick to what is essential, and watch your efficiency as it grows.

6. Plant your way

Home Office Setup- Plant

An indoor plant on your work desk is something wonderful. The nurturing and growing of the plant is symbolic to your career growth. Plants add to the ambience while regulating the humidity and temperature of a workspace.

7. Stick to functionality

Although a stylish and contemporary workspace sounds like a dream, it shouldn’t come with the cost of functionality. Enough drawers, storage space and shelves must be incorporated into your workspace, as per your requirement.

8. A good view is a must

Home Office Setup- Good View

Your productivity increases by many folds if you are facing something nice. From facing a window to a balcony to a door, a view is always better than a blank wall. Please note to not face a distracting view. You still need to get work done, don’t you?

9. Don’t skimp on equipment

Having good equipment is basic to a good home office setup. Focus your resources on this, as opposed to décor. A good computer, printer, scanner, headphones or software (as per your requirement) must always be a priority.

10. Have a schedule

A schedule is a must when it comes to operating a workstation at home. Despite the freedom and flexibility, a routine must be established in order to perform your best. This is perhaps the biggest contributor to a successful home office set up.

A home office might sound like it’s on a less productive and high distraction, side of work. But it isn’t true. With the right workstation and setup, getting work done from home is a dream come true. Don’t pinch yourself, we mean it!

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