Giving your home a luxurious makeover might seem like it will cost you a fortune, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive and overwhelming task. When it comes to luxury home decor, it’s all about making a few small changes and choosing the right decor pieces. Here are some ideas that we recommend:


How to make home look luxurious- Simplify

Luxury has somehow always been teamed up with opulence and grandeur – the more you see, the more luxurious it seems. Here’s where you change this idea; give your home a classic look by simplifying your space. We tend to get carried away when we decorate and buy too many items that we don’t really need. So eliminate over-the-top accessories and unnecessary furniture, which make your home look bulky.

Plush seating

How to make home look luxurious- Plush Seating

Try to imagine a lush, luxurious home. What do you see?  You would often think of soft, comfortable, and modern furniture with pillows and cushions. Use good quality fabrics like velvet, linen or suede to upholster your furniture. You can even try textured fabrics like denim blue and faux leather, which our Rodeo Living Room set offers.

Lavish Lighting

How to make home look luxurious- Lights

While setting the tone and mood of your luxury home, pay attention to the lighting. Again, you might think that luxury lighting only includes chandeliers or pendant lights; but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an overhead, statement piece. Invest in elegant, decorative table lamps and light fixtures which give out soft lighting that enhances the ambience, rather than giving a harsh, blaring feel.


How to make home look luxurious- Layering

Just like wearing a chic coat or blazer over your outfit that adds extra charm, include layers to your furniture for a luxe look. Carpets can instantly change the way a living room looks, but you can also make your floors look stylish with area rugs under tables and sofas. Throw in some elegant runners near your beds and on top of your dining table, and you’re good to go.


How to make home look luxurious- Metallics

Upgrade your interiors by adding a small yet noticeable metallic touch to them. The key to going bling, however, is to keep the metallic accessories minimal. Consider golds, bronzes, copper or silver hues and incorporate them in cushions, lamps and lighting fixtures or centrepieces.

We hope these tips help in making your home luxurious, without costing an arm and a leg. Have fun!

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