“Oh boy! I finally have my own house”

“Can’t wait to host parties here!”

“No one to interrupt my sleep!”

“But wait. Where will I sleep? I’ll have to get a bed!”

If you’re moving into your new home, this is probably how your chain of thoughts read. However, before you can even dream of furnishing your home, reality brings you to your knees with rent, bills, taxes and more. But hey, what if we told you that you could turn this place around without selling a limb? And after trying our home furnishing ideas you’ll still be left with money to throw that epic house party!

How much is too much?

Tips for moving in together- Talk money

One can get carried away while looking for ideas on how to furnish a home on Pinterest. And how can they not? I mean those homes look like they came right out of a home and living cover shoot! It is extremely important to but a budget in place. This will not only help you know what is the limit but also help you prioritise your home furnishing needs.

3 Rs: Reuse, Refurb, Re-sell!

How to decorate home on a budget- Reuse

It’s your our new home and you want to fill it with brand new furniture and decor. But need I remind you that you are on a budget! And chances are you already own a tonne of things from your previous place. So time to make the most of them. Go through all the old stuff and see what matches the decor of your new place. Can a little refurb turn that old sofa into as good as new? A little paint and the old book-shelf becomes the focus point of your living room? And for all the things that you don’t need any better sell them on click!

Get thrifty

Home Decor- Create your own art

Now you have a budget and some old stuff that you can reuse. Time to add new decor to your place! Most cities have local markets and are filled with ideas to furnish a new home. So grab your bag and get exploring, who knows what will you find? Maybe a local dying art, some rare keepsake, antique items. The list just goes on and on!

Rent furniture

Rent an apartment- rent furniture

Furniture is on the top of your home furnishing list! And for most of us, it is the scariest part. After all getting furniture equates to breaking a bank. Many of your friends would suggest you buy second-hand furniture. While it sure is cheap, in the long run buying second-hand furniture costs you far more than you realise. You don’t want to go bottom of the barrel for this purchase or you’ll end up with a sagging, uncomfortable sofa by this time next year. Instead, rent furniture from Furlenco and enjoy a host of benefits that buying furniture can never give you!

So what are you waiting for? Go try them all and thank us later! Happy house-warming.

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