Every drawer, cabinet, shelf, chair, corner of the sofa seems to be a spot for the mysterious “miscellaneous” items. But can’t we give these items space?

The idea that every single thing can actually have a space of its own seems baffling at first. But hey, even those extra remote batteries can have a dedicated space! Let’s see how.

1. Give it time

How to declutter home- Give it time

Breathe. Always allocate more than the needed time for the tidying up process. It will take time, but if it’s not done right, you’ll simply have to do again and again. So brace yourself for impact.

2. Furniture focus

How to declutter home- Furniture focus

Space is more about compartmentalising than the actual physical space available. Pick out furniture that comes complete with compartments and shelves. That’ll make it easier for you to store things. Furlenco makes space-saving and multifunctional furniture too, so check it out!

3. Let it go

Donate Clothes



Get rid of things you don’t use. Let’s face it, there are tonnes of things that you keep just because you want to. But do you really need it? Will you ever use it? Be honest about it and make that giveaway pile. It’ll make both your space and you feel lighter.

4. Which category do you choose?

How to declutter home- Category

Now, that all the excess miscellaneous items have disappeared from your life, there’s suddenly so much more space. Categorise and compartmentalize your items through accessibility and according to use. The more you use them, the easier it should be for you to access them.

5. Maintenance is must

How to declutter home- Maintenance



Don’t declutter and forget about it. Keep it tidy. Make it a point to keep some time aside every week to make sure everything is in its place. The best time to do this is after laundry day.

You deserve to live in space that breathes easily so that you can too. Start decluttering today!

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