Being the central point of your homes, the living room speaks volumes about you. It’s the first point of contact when someone enters the house. So paying attention to every last detail is a must. Among those details, one key element that is ever so underrated is the curtain.

Living room curtains set the mood and the tone of your space. This is why careful consideration and deliberation must go into its selecting process. Don’t fret over how to choose curtains for your living room. We’re here to help you sort your dilemma, right now!

1. Take your pick

How to choose curtains

Flowy, light, transparent or lined? You need to decide on the fabric that you’ll use for your living room curtains. Keep in mind the weather of the place you stay at. If it’s summer, you can go with sheer or flowy ones for the sunny days. And you can use thickly lined ones if you stay in a cold place!

2. 50 shades of curtains

Living room curtains must work with the whole vibe of your space. They also play a very big role in making the room feel spacious or smaller. A tiny room could use lighter shades to give it a big feel, while cold spaces could use darker colours to absorb the heat.

3. Solids vs Prints

The age-old debate of solid vs prints exists not only for clothing but for décor too. Some prints take the ambience of a room to a sophisticated level, while solids keep it grounded and warm. There is no right or wrong; just make sure it doesn’t clash with your furniture.

4. Add them up

Simple curtain accessories add to décor while making the curtains more functional. Pull-backs, fancy curtain rods and valence are some elements that make for great curtain accessories. It’s very important to this in mind while you’re deciding on your living room curtain ideas.

5. Length matters!

The exact length of the living room curtains must be considered before investing in one. Where you want the curtain to begin and should be pre-defined. You don’t want the curtains to sweep the floors or be uneven for that matter.

6. Style it right

How to choose curtains- Style it up

Since living room curtains are available in a plethora of styles, narrowing down to the right one can take a while. Single panel or double panel? Layered drapes or pleats? You need to decide! Also, keep in mind that they have to blend in with your furniture! If you’re not sure, you can always rent furniture and try different combinations!

7. Plan ahead

Cleaning and maintaining curtains is an ordeal on its own. Some curtains can be washed, while others need to be dry-cleaned. Hence, think of the long term maintenance while investing in living room curtains.

8. Light or no light?

How to choose curtains- Light or no light

There’s nothing like natural light. So if you have enough, invest in a thin material of a single layer. Whereas if you want some privacy, layered and thick drapes will be your go-to. You must also choose something that blends in with natural as well as artificial lighting to balance the overall aesthetic of your room.

Choosing the right living room curtains is just a start to making your space great. It is the base of a better living space, where families grow and love happens.

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