And it’s finally here. Tax regulations just became a lot less complex pan-India, and a lot of our favourite stuff just got a lot more expensive. Confused? We’re talking about GST. As one of the biggest tax reforms in Indian history, we’re confident that GST will be a game changer for businesses in India.

For us consumers, though? It all depends on what you’re looking for. Fresh meat is cheaper, but buying a dining table to eat that scrumptious food on, has gotten infinitely more expensive. How?

Well, the furniture industry is being taxed at a WHOPPING 28% under the new GST regime. Been eyeing that comfy recliner and waiting for the perfect deal? Well, the wait just got longer… or has it?

Before GST, a recliner may have set you back by a cool Rs. 25,000. But today, it will probably cost you Rs. 30,000. However, that is when you choose to buy a recliner. Consider renting it from Furlenco and it can be yours at just Rs. 999 a month. Don’t believe us? Check out the Super Value Lounger on our website now.

And then there’s the subject of party nights. Boy, do we have trouble on our hands here or what? Alcohol has become a little more expensive under GST. In Bangalore, additionally, our favourite watering holes are shutting down (goodbye, dear Pecos). House parties, which were a rage back in the day might just make their return to the scene.

And that means you might want to play the perfect host and not let anybody sit on the cold floor. But if you’re buying an expensive sofa set under GST, you might have to say goodbye to hosting the party. Or wait! We have a solution  for that too. Check out the Bounce and the Pod from Furlenco! Add some swag to your home without burning a big fat hole in your wallet.

Getting married soon? Your honeymoon suite and flight tickets are about to get a whole lot costlier. Does that mean you have to give up on your dream of a beautiful nest? We don’t think so. Check out our full home packages starting at just Rs. 2000 a month!

Seeing a pattern here? We’re glad. At Furlenco, we are committed to ensuring everybody has a home they love. We will be absorbing a lot of the GST cost to ensure that our prices remain affordable. Like we always say, life is awesome when you rent AWESOME furniture!

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