Furlenco, India’s first and largest online home furniture rental company after beautifying more than 5500+ homes in Bangalore and Mumbai made a grand entry into Pune recently. Their entry to the cultural capital of Maharashtra also marked the launch of their very first infomercial titled “Truth or Dare with Dad” in association with TVF (The Viral Fever). This hilarious infomercial featuring the popular Jeetu and his father from TVF’s hit series Tech Conversations with Dad is right now trending on YouTube with more than 1.5 million views in merely 4 days of its release.

While speaking to reporters during the Pune City launch party of Furlenco at Hard Rock Café, Ajith Mohan Karimpana had said something quite interesting about their association with TVF, “TVF is an immensely popular youth-centric digital content platform in our country, which boasts of more than 15,00,000 viewers. The idea of launching an infomercial with TVF came from a simple thought of introducing Furlenco to the youth of this city as well as all the other metropolitan cities, who are also our target group. We aim to make aspirations of Pune’s aspirers more accessible by providing premium designer furniture on rent. They can now “Have Everything and Buy Nothing.”

Coming to the much viewed and talked about infomercial by Furlenco and TVF, it is a simple setup where Jeetu and his father are  seen playing the game of Truth or Dare where secrets of each other tumble out one after another in a hilarious way. Unlike other infomercials seen in the past, the brand has strategically put across their presence in a very subtle way without coming across as a force fit. The simple and witty content laced with superb performances by the lead actors make this unique infomercial a must watch!

Source: This is a guest article by author and blogger Shaiju Mathew. Views and ideas presented here are solely by the writer.

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