It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. So when decluttering your home, start with the small things and you’ll actually notice how it changes the vibe of the room. If it doesn’t spark joy, it needs to go and we do not argue with Marie Kondo. Here are five easy steps to clutter your home.

1. Do you really not have enough clothes?

Declutter- Wardrobe

Those worn out t-shirts need to go. Those shorts you wore every day for a week when you were younger has lived its best years. You probably have tonnes of clothes that you’ve grown out of stashed away at some corner of your wardrobe. It’s time. Get rid of them. Right after that, arrange your clothes in such a way that you use all of them thoroughly. Rent out functional wardrobes from Furlenco that give important to compartmentalization. It’s more helpful than you think.

2. The betrayed books

Declutter- Books

We know you want to read them at some point in the far and distant future. We know you bought them for a reason. But you do realize it has been almost 10 years since those books have been collecting dust on the bookshelf? Pass it on to a friend and who knows, maybe when they talk about the book, you’ll actually end up reading after. And it’s not just the books you don’t read, pass on the books you’ve read and probably won’t read again.

3. The magical drawer of everything

Declutter- Drawers

You know the drawer. The one with batteries, paper clips, old bills, the funny thing you found on the road while walking, pamphlets to restaurants that have gone out business and well, this list could go on. Dedicate an afternoon to actually throwing away all the rubbish. You’ll actually feel a bit happier after that. The little wins are always extra special.

4. Best before yesterday

Declutter- Best before yesterday

There are always those bottles of dressing, maybe cheese in the fridge, pasta sauce that has gone bad or maybe eggs that were supposed to be used by last week. Take some time out to actually clear your kitchen of all the junk you thought you needed but has run well past its expiry date. It’s not your fault, nobody keeps tabs on these things anyway. But it really clears up space when you decide to declutter.

5. Two is one too many

Declutter- Too many

Do you really need two pairs of scissors in the kitchen? You use only one of them anyway. Or that extra remote you have in the living room that really doesn’t do anything? Just because it is there, doesn’t mean you should keep them. I know you feel like you are keeping it as a backup in case the first item(that never leaves its immediate vicinity) might get lost, but you’re not. But let’s be realistic, that has never happened. So get rid of your duplicates and invite in more space for things you will actually need.

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