Romeo and Juliet. Layla and Majnun. Jack and Rose. As history suggests, dating was never supposed to be easy. But, what was supposed to be the first step to a “find the love of your life and settle down” kind of exercise has now become more complicated than living with Sheldon Cooper.


Sure, the ‘Five Ws and One H’ of dating have changed. All thanks to the technology around us. So, how different was dating when the word ‘smart’ was used to describe a person and not a phone? We don’t have to go too far back. The ‘90s will do just fine. Was dating better back then? We’ll let you be the judge.


In the beginning, there was man. Then, there was the wingman. The dynamic duo of dating. Together, you would head to the city’s hot-spots in search of love. You would strike conversations with potential partners, exchange numbers if the vibe was right, and fix times on when to call (preferably after mom and dad went to bed).


The wingman still exists. But the job description is that of nodding “yes” or “no”. The real job is done by the app on your phone. All you have to do is look at a face. If it interests you, read on about the person. Still interested? Ask for a number. It’s so easy. And you’re always spoilt for choice. There are plenty of fish in the sea. All you have to do is swipe!


It was all about having conversations. While you were being the suave Gatsby, your wingman would be Sherlock Holmes trying to find out every little detail. It was completely an “I take your word for it” thing. And if your wingman failed, the scope for rude shocks were certainly high.  


So, you got your date’s number. Now, while you’re texting them, you’re also stalking them on social media. When you think you’ve gathered enough information, you decide to go on a date with this person. You reach the place. You know what your date is wearing. “Hey, wait! You looked so different in those photos.” Yes, when you live so much in the virtual world, reality checks can be extra hard to deal with.



You would find every excuse to sit by the phone when you were supposed to be going to bed. But when that phone call did come, you would plan when and where to meet next. After that, you would both go on about who should hang up for the next 2 hours. But you would stick to your word. Punctuality was of primary importance.



You have all the media in the world. That’s why the concept of staying in touch has evolved. Now, you don’t even have to ask a person what he/she is doing to know what they’re up to. Just look them up on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll know. Then again, this ruins the whole idea of communicating with your date and actually staying in touch. Doesn’t it?



It was planned weeks in advance. Your parents would have to be away on some vacation. Your date would have to avoid all the grandmothers and aunties in your neighbourhood to get to your doorstep. Sometimes you would wonder if it was all worth the effort. But all you wanted was to know the reaction when you said: “Come over. My parents aren’t home!”    


Today, living by yourself is no big deal. Even landlords have sobered down when it comes to all the rules and nitpicking. All you have to worry about is creating the perfect setting at home for an awesome date. And that is where Furlenco comes in. By letting you rent awesome furniture that makes your home the greatest place to have a date. Be it a candle-light dinner, just having a conversation or just a night of “Netflix and chill”, bring home any piece of furniture you like. Save yourself all the trouble of setting up your home.


Sometimes, things don’t work up and you have to move on. All it took in the ‘90s was to not answer that phone call or to reply to that letter or to avoid all the places you went to with your date. Just throw away whatever gifts you had received or whatever photos you had taken together, lock yourself in your room and cry to your pet for a week and you would be fine.


That never really happens does it. You break up with your date but still would like to be ‘friends’. Just so that you can stalk them on social media and gain some sadistic satisfaction knowing that he/she is now dating someone who is not even close to your level. Or, 7 years down the line, you can share their wedding video on your ‘Soulmates’ WhatsApp group and rant about how he/she was a loser anyway. Hey, where there is no closure, there is no break-up. Period!     

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