Work (noun) – something we can’t seem to live with or without. As corny as that sounds, this is the story of most of our lives. With crazy deadlines, endless meetings and a truckload of pressure, a hard day of work seems like the worst thing ever. Everyone deserves to relax after work. We need it, I’m sure you do too!

Different people have different coping mechanisms, while some people still don’t know how to blow off some steam. Keeping in mind healthy ways to de-stress after work, you can channel the stress right out of your system. So don’t blow your fuse, it’s time to let loose!

1. Don’t stress out, work out

De-stress after work- Work out

Engaging in a physical activity that increases your heart rate is a good way to relax after work. Be it swimming, running, yoga, or a sport, physical activity relaxes the mind, while doing wonders to the body.

2. Work on those hobbies

De-stress after work- Hobbies

After a tiring day at work, it’s best to come home and unwind with something you enjoy doing. Pick up an after-work hobby, if you don’t already have one. Painting, dancing, and playing musical instruments are some good ways to de-stress after work.

3. Leave the work for the office

It’s best not to bring back work into your home. We know that most of you may not have that luxury. Always being glued to work takes a toll on physical and mental health. So, we suggest that you wrap up all the work at the office, before getting home.

4. Cook those blues away

De-stress after work- Cooking

Cooking can be therapeutic if you make it be. Cooking engages your creative side and is relaxing. Add some music to the process of cooking, and you’ve found yourself the best way to relax after work.

5. Consume light content

De-stress after work- Light comedy

Most of us are guilty of being glued to Netflix during our free time. But it is important to filter your content according to your mood. Light comedy’s and feel-good content is the best kind of content to consume if you want to de-stress after work.

6. Spend less time in front of screens

De-stress after work- Reduce time in front of screen

While most of us fail at staying away from a screen, it is important for your eyes to rest. By screen we mean – phones, computers, tabs and TV’s. This especially makes sense if your work has you glued to a computer anyways.

7. Keep those tunes flowing

De-stress after work- Music

Music has the power to change moods drastically. Especially music with slower tempos have the ability to calm the mind to a great extent. Indulging in music while chilling on a cosy recliner does the trick.

8. Spend time with loved ones

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We couldn’t stress on this point more. Spending time with your loved ones whether it is your family, friends or a four-legged friend, improves quality of life to a great extent. It is an ideal way to de-stress after work.

9. Dine out, and chill out

De-stress after work- Dine Out

Dining out is always an enjoyable experience. The pressure of cooking is eliminated, not to mention the variety in food it gives you. Treating yourself to a delicious meal after a hard day is a great way to relax after work.

10. Warm baths FTW

We often underestimate the power of a warm shower. It is an instant cure for dullness and tiredness. It takes us to another place both physically and mentally. And we highly recommend this method to unwind after work.

While unwinding can mean different things to different people, these are some of the most effective ways to do it. Even something as basic as sitting in a cosy nook of your home in comfortable furniture helps.

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