Pune is a flourishing metropolis, the pride of Marathas and globally known for Osho Ashram. A bustling city which beautifully blends the old world charm, colonial architecture with modern day wonders. New to Pune? We know how that can be. Finally after a bit of searching you have found a new home, rented furniture from furlenco, unpacked. We know you probably haven’t had a breather to really soak-in the Pune experience.  So don’t worry, because we’re here with a list of fun things to do in Pune, once you’re all settled down at home.

1. Koregaon Park – A one stop solution

Craving a sumptuous breakfast? Or want to sit back and enjoy a chilled mug of beer? Or just looking let your hair down and party? Whatever you’re in a mood for, Koregaon Park is the place to be. Don’t believe us? Well, if you’re looking for some inner peace and calm, you could simply walk over to the Osho Ashram (yes, in Koregaon Park!) and let it all go!

2. Snooze it away

Pune is also a lazy city. So don’t be surprised if most parts of the city shut down for a siesta! The locals in Pune take their afternoon siestas very seriously and it has, without doubt, become a part of their everyday routine. Best to stay at home and get your siesta on and wait till the sun goes down!

3. Explore the great outdoors

Feeling adventurous over the weekend? Trek the Singhad Fort and enjoy the view as you marvel at its history. Pune is surrounded by forts and filled with museums. So if you’re a history buff, boy has Pune got a treat for you!

4. Bring on the festivities

Come August and the entire city lights up to welcome their most favourite God – Ganesha. Celebrations for Ganesha festival are huge in Pune and they leave no stone unturned. Food, music, dance, colours – you name it and it’s happening. The important thing to remember though is that even Ganeshji cannot overstay his welcome (after all, Pune does love its chill time!).

5. One for the Body and Soul

If Yoga is your thing, then Pune is your place. Sign up for a course at the Iyengar Institute of Yoga, an internationally reputed yoga institute. Take it all in, inhale and then exhale!   

These were just a few places that we think you’ll love in this gorgeous, cozy city. Have fun in your new city – discover secrets nooks and corners, stumble upon your new favorites and become a part of the Pune experience.

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