No, no… We’re not going to wake you up with a “Master Bruce…” or get you out of trouble every time you put on that ring. What we do is far more important than that. We ensure that you live better now by never having to worry about furniture ever again.

How is that important? Imagine you’re moving out for the first time to live by yourself. You have found the best place to stay. Now, like Frodo, you’re on a journey that will span three books (or more) to find the right furniture. When you find the right piece, it’s not to your budget. And what is in your budget, you do not like. Well, that is where Furlenco helps. By giving you award-winning furniture on rent. Furniture that fits right into your lifestyle. Furniture that fits right into your budget.

Now you’re Batman. You’ve defeated a super villain and want to throw a big house party to celebrate. So, you’ve called all your super friends home. Like every party, one thing leads to another. Someone said something and well, since you said no superpowers at home, your house was the venue for the biggest food fight. Now, no one in Gotham City wants to clean up a “super mess”. Well, if you had Furlenco, you wouldn’t have had to worry. Because you get free deep-cleaning services. Now that would help both superhero and butler!

Frodo walked across Middle Earth to get rid of that ring. Sure enough, they had a lot of supplies to carry as well. Now, imagine, if Frodo had a favourite recliner that he would have loved to sink back into after every step of the journey. Would he have carried it along too? We doubt it. And since he didn’t, he would have cribbed about it. Well, you don’t have to be like Frodo. We might not help if it is Rivendell, Moria, Rohan, or Gondor but if it is Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida, Furlenco can certainly relocate your furniture for free.

Back to being Batman. A new criminal has come to power and is threatening the peace you’ve worked so hard to create. Your only hope is Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk. You’ve hatched a plan and called the Hulk home for a discussion. Your discussion goes deep into the night and Bruce Banner decides to crash at your place so that he is fresh for his mission. Oops, big mistake! Because Bruce Banner had a nightmare, turned into the Hulk, and broke your sofa. You can’t really ask him to pay for it because, well… he is the Hulk. But if you had Furlenco, you wouldn’t have had to worry. After all, we have a Damage Waiver of up to Rs. 10,000/- on our furniture.

From Caped Crusader to Ring Bearer, we’re back with Frodo. Have you ever wondered where Gandalf would have slept in The Shire? There is no bed that would suit his needs. Frodo wouldn’t want to buy or make a bed just for Gandalf. After all, he doesn’t visit that often. Alas, if only there was Furlenco. Then, all Frodo would have to do is ask for a free Swap and get a nice, comfortable queen bed for Gandalf. And if there was Furlenco, Gandalf wouldn’t be the only wizard around. Frodo could keep swapping his furniture every 6 months and even Gandalf would be surprised by the magic of a new look every time he visited.

We always read fiction and wonder what if I was Batman or Frodo? Now, with Furlenco, they would want to be you. Because, who doesn’t want to live better now? Who doesn’t want awesome, award-winning furniture at the most affordable prices? Who doesn’t want great benefits as part of their subscription? Batman and Frodo would sure want it!

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