This April, you can choose to be ‘fool’ or ‘cool’. And how do we decide that? Well, that depends on whether you choose to buy furniture for your home or rent it. Want to know how renting furniture makes you cool? Read on!


                          WHEN YOU BUY                 WHEN YOU RENT
Your furniture isn’t going to arrive for 2 more weeks



Your home is fully furnished in 72 hours


You’ve spent all your savings on furniture

You spend little every month and still have a better looking home

Your vacation is on hold thanks to EMIs      



You’re always set for that amazing holiday

You’re always worried about your furniture getting damaged

You can’t wait to host the best house party ever, every night!

Your furniture starts getting dirty and you’re like…



All you have to do is call Furlenco and your rented furniture is cleaned for free!



Your furniture gets old and you have to try extra hard to get rid of it.



With Furlenco, you just need to Swap and your furniture is as good as new.



You would have to give up living in a nice neighbourhood because you’re buying furniture. So, when mommy hears where you’re living, she’s like…




You can afford to spend more on living in a great neighbourhood. And that means your address gives you bragging rights!





Choose to be cool. Choose to Be diffeRENT! Choose to rent awesome furniture from Furlenco.

One thought on “Are you April Fool or April Cool?

  1. I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written! Everyone loves it when folks come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

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