Let’s face it. Summers are getting hotter every year. It’s probably reached a point where an AC or cooler is really necessary to beat the heat. But hey, there’s a lot more you can do with your home to make the weather bearable. Here are 5 summer home decor tips you could experiment with.

You can never go wrong with some green

No, no. We didn’t mean paint or wallpaper. We’re talking about plants. From your patio to your living room, fill up all those empty spaces with plants. You can even try vertical gardening. Placing floral plants like lilies can also be a good idea if you want things to be more vibrant. But here is a tip: if you’re using a vase, go with a white or crystal one.

Summer Home Decor

Bring home Morocco

If you’re into contemporary, then modern interpretations of Moroccan classics are a great fit. Moroccan motifs serve as great designs with their bold, geometric prints. Imagine pillows, rugs, and upholstered pieces of furniture in these designs and in shades of blue, white, tan,and teal. So vibrant and so fresh!

Summer Home Decor

Let your furniture breathe

Bright colours and breathable fabric. Now, that’s an effortless way to welcome summer. And with our Mili L-shaped sofa, you get just that – a bright, teal-blue sofa with a soft and comfortable fabric. The perfect living room couch for summer. Add a multi-coloured woven pouffe and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous seating arrangement.


The right curtains can go a long way in blocking out all that hard-hitting heat in the afternoons. Summer is the perfect time give them a fresh look. Go light. Go bright. Try some colourful and patterned options for your living room or bright and airy sheers. Drapes in bold patterns and neutral shades are also an option.

Summer Home Decor


If you’re the ‘I prefer wallpaper to paint’ types, summer is a great time to experiment. Turn on the cheery vibe with pastel colours in quirky prints. Looks fun and not over the top either. It’s always great to start off with a small section of a room before going all out. The best spot to experiment: the foyer or an area above a chest of drawers. That would certainly be a game changer. And the greatest thing about wallpaper is you can keep changing the look ever so often.

So, how are you going to do up your home this summer? Share your thoughts or better still, send us a picture of your home all decked up for the weather.

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