So, you’re at that stage of parenting. Your kids are growing up super fast, have boundless energy and you’re trying to figure out what it is that’ll keep them engaged while helping them grow to be independent adolescents and adults.

What if we said we had a solution? We don’t quite have access to Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road but Furlenco’s kids’ room solutions are the next best solution.

Your kids will love it. Not convinced? Here’s why:

  1. Ignite their curiosity – With world class and interesting designs, our products are designed to ignite your kids’ curiosity.Rent Kids furniture
  2. Theme, theme, theme – Swappable themes bring something new and exciting to your kids’ room every 6 months. From cars to dinosaurs to ballerinas – we’ve got it all covered.

    Kids furniture on rent 
  3. Special little additions – From writable surfaces on the bed to secret cubbies in their study table and magnetic display boards on their cupboards, your kids will have the chance to explore a world of wonder. 

    Rent kids furniture 

  4. Personalization – Your kids can pick from our pre-packaged rooms or build a room by picking and choosing exactly what they want. Swap between products when they’re bored or as they grow.


  5. Perfect for play – Most of all, our furniture is designed with the kid at the centre. Watch your kid blossom as they build their own world of play, with colors, blocks and furniture that they love. Their friends will never want to go home.

Check out our kids’ furniture solutions on rent today. Starting at Rs 799/mo only.

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