As a new couple, furnishing your home might sound exciting, but it can be really challenging. You may not realize it, but the furniture you buy or rent, as well as how you furnish your home can affect your life as a couple in a big way. You both may have different choices, interests and might have visualized your pad, where you spend most of your time, differently. Therefore, in the interest of setting up a peaceful and loving new life together, you might as well want to furnish a home in a way you both love.

In order to avoid unnecessary disagreements and arguments there are few things you can consider to make the entire process smooth and easy.

  1. Discuss With Each Other: “Communication is the key to a successful relationship”, therefore, discuss your needs, tastes and interests with each other and find out your preferences and requirements before you set up a plan to furnish your house. Like every major decision you take in your life, like purchasing a home or a car, getting the right look and furniture for your home is an important decision. Not only because you spend a major part of your life at home but it also reflects your identity as a couple.
  2. Know Your Space: The way you get to know each other as a couple, similarly get to know your home space, if you have not lived in it for a long time. Identify the oddities of your home to know what it needs; for example get to know how movement from one room to another flows, as well as the best and worst features of each room. Measuring the space within the house will give you a fair idea about what furniture will fit in and how best to place furniture and décor.
  3. Keep A Plan Handy: Having a plan in hand about what furniture you need will ease out some pain in finding the right fit for you. Make sure to have your budget in place, it will help you prioritize your needs. Flexible or multipurpose furniture will definitely be a good idea as it will serve your initial home setup purpose as well as controlling your budget. Divide responsibilities regarding who is going to do research, get place ready for the furniture, legwork, budgeting, etc. although you should work together while deciding on the right furniture for you.
  4. Mix Your Styles:It is very important for both of you to feel happy and comfortable with the look of your home. Therefore, find furniture and furnishings that will reflect both you as well as your partner’s style. You can divide the sections or space depending on how much time one spends where, if both of you have varied tastes and styles. Moreover, with an eclectic look being popular these days, you can mix and match various / different styles with ease while you pay little attention to some basic design principles.
  5. Create The Nest You Always Wanted: You can always dream big even if your budget is small. You can find various ways to get that dream home or ‘nest’ you always wanted by re-purposing, refinishing or refurbishing – all green practices, and all helpful in creating a home that is truly yours.

Apart from the above tips, you can also opt to get your home furnished with a rental subscription plan.We at Furlenco believe that furnishing your home should be an enjoyable affair rather than a battle of wills. Therefore we offer you a hassle free way of furnishing your home that will include the look, feel and comfort you as a couple want. You also have the flexibility to change the way your house looks every year, apart from selecting a different theme for each room. Visit for more details and exciting rental packages.

Furniture in your home is an expression of how you want to spend your life together! Choose Furlenco and invite change in your life.


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