So you got yourself a spanking new apartment. It looks awesome, is across the road from your favorite bar… but it came with absolutely nothing and now you have to do it up! It’s exciting to think of but then… you remember just how much effort and pain goes into it.

Here’re a few pains we’ve all felt on the journey to getting a perfect home;

  1. The Buying
  2. The Waiting
  3. Setup
  4. The Mismatch
  5. Repetition

First, you’ve got to find yourself the good deals. Second, you’ve got a lot of terms you’ll need to understand – this wood, that finish…and oh wait, THAT budget. Once that’s done, you’ll find one store has your favorite bed, another has the sofa and a third website entirely has that quirky lamp you dig. And oh. You’ll only get it all next month. You’ll have to pay up now, though. Deep breath. It’s going to be okay.


It’s been 30 working days, it’s the 31st day and you are still here waiting for your furniture to be delivered. You make the required calls, they apologize profusely; there has been a mistake, something was misplaced, the furniture will be delivered soon. Fine, all you can do is sit at home and wait. It’s all good, it’s fine, it’s going to be okay.

Happy couple in their new home concept

Finally, the furniture is here. It’s all sitting around your living room, wrapped in bubble wrap and waiting to be unpacked. You take a deep breath, you can do this, you are going to fight through this. You’ve been good so far, what’s one more step? You get unpacking.



All your boxes are unpacked, your house is ready to go. Standing there, right by the door…already too late to say goodbye! But why would you want to? Channeling John Denver is great but more importantly, nothing matches! The curtains are blue, the sofa is beige and your lamp looks SO different from the photo on the website. Now, what? Where’s that bubble wrap when you need it?

Oh man, that coffee table you loved is wobbly. The rug’s gotten so dirty, you don’t remember what color it actually was. And there’s more, your friends are coming to stay for a while and want to crash with you. Only thing, where? You’ll have to buy and replace this stuff again.

The Solution

Furlenco’s got a solution to these woes. You’ve got so many of these already, don’t add furniture to the list. With us, all you have to choose from our set of completely curated furniture packages for all rooms and we’ll deliver and set it up in a flash. Well, 72 hours.

Services offered :

  • Swap your furniture when bored
  • Get it cleaned when it’s dirty and
  • We’ll move it for you when you move.

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Stop buying, start renting. It’s time to be diffeRENT!

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