So no one told you life was going to be this way – your job’s been a joke, you’re broke, but your love life? It’s not DOA. Thank God for your partner!

Ain’t that a cause for cheer? It’s date night, but date nights don’t necessarily equal nights on town. For those of who aren’t Rachel Green and can’t always look perfect after a tough week, here are some great home date ideas:

1) Watch a film: Netflix and Chill. You know it. We know it. The internet knows it. Take your pick -a classic romcom, The Avengers or a binge-watch session of both your favorite movies. Up your game, check out our Entertainment Zone and experience some real chill.


2) Have a conversation: No, no, we don’t mean dreaded “talks” – we mean a fun, relaxing conversation peppered with some good laughs. Vent about your boss, talk about your lives, share old stories – all over a good bottle of Merlot in your balcony. Sounds idyllic? Have a look at our ‘My Happy Balcony’ and tell us you don’t want this!

tablet_hero (2)

3) Cook Dinner: The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach. This, we know, is true. Candle lit or not, nothing tastes quite as a good as a homemade meal made by your loved one. A cozy dinner, drinks, and conversation – and a setting like our Fine Diner. The perfect night has a new name.

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4) Play a Game: Who doesn’t love games? Pick out your favorite game – it could be a board game or a card game. And if this is your first date, playing a game is the best way to break the ice. Make yourself comfortable – perhaps on our Mili Dining table and enjoy your game night and share a few laughs.


Don’t these sound like plans you want to get on right away? We know, we know. Remember we did promise? We’ll be there for you!

We’ll also be there with you, as early as 72 hours.

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