Social Media has become an inevitable part of life today. One has more friends online than in real life. Also feelings of every kind, from love to hatred, can be easily expressed online. Personal details, relationship status, what one is wearing and eating are just a click away!

In all the mayhem, have you ever noticed the number of times you check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages? No? A study conducted by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX) reveals users across all age groups in the US, on average, spend approximately 3.2 hours a day on social media platforms, with the maximum time spent on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, followed by Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


A survey commissioned by Norton in February with over 500 respondents in the 18–64 age group revealed that Indians, on average, spend 8.4 hours a day or up to 58 hours a week online, which is more than half of their waking hours.

Besides helping you keep in touch with your friends and relatives, social media has also enabled businesses and brands to reach out to their potential customers. Social media has changed our lives in the way we socialize and do business.

June 30th is marked as a day to celebrate and recognize the impact of social media on global communication. Initiated by news website and social media blog Mashable today, World Social Media Day is celebrated by conducting meetups and seminars globally, with over 2000+ venues spread across continents.

No matter where you live, you can celebrate the power of social media today, in your own special way! And we at Furlenco would like to thank all our followers and fans for being a part of our social media journey.

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