When you think of a wardrobe, you think of a simple space where you can store your belongings. You don’t pay much attention to it. And when someone visits your place, the first thing you do is shut that wardrobe. Right? Because who wants​ to see how your clothes are kept?

Here at Furlenco, we thought it was time that someone made the wardrobe interesting; made it a space you would love to show off; a space that you would love to experiment with, and, most importantly, a space that understands your needs and grows with your lifestyle. Behold! The Infinity Wardrobe, by Furlenco.


First up, it’s fully customizable. That means you can play with how you want to arrange your things. The main wardrobe unit comes with 4 adjustable shelves, two with hanging rods. That means having the luxury of 6 layouts that you can explore to see what suits your requirement best.

The wardrobe also has a pull-out shelf for all the things you need on a daily basis. And for all the things you don’t need but can’t necessarily forget, the large bottom drawer is the perfect place to stow them away.

Yes, it’s a wardrobe that you can show off. That being said, you might not want a few things popping out when you open the doors. That’s where a spacious drawer for your inner-wear comes in handy.

Guess what? There is also a place for your ‘bling’. Whether it’s your watches or jewelry, the wardrobe has a dedicated accessory tray where you can easily organize all of it and, of course, minimize the chances of losing anything.

And finally, for all those precious memories, for all that important paperwork, and for all those things you really treasure, the wardrobe has a lockable drawer.


Yes, The Infinity Wardrobe is pretty exhaustive when it comes to features. But, we know that soon enough, you will run out of space here as well. That’s where the awesomeness of the wardrobe really comes alive.

Before you can scream “I need more space”, the wardrobe comes with ‘The Valet – an optional extra storage unit. That’s five more adjustable shelves, one with a hanging rod. And if you don’t need all five shelves, don’t worry, they can be removed and stored away.


That messy dressing table which you never get time to clean? Well, the Infinity Wardrobe takes that problem away with ‘The Butler’ (no, not the Alfred or Cadbury types) — an optional slim module with shallow shelves for cosmetics, accessories, etc.The Butler ensures that you never have to search for anything while also avoiding an overcrowded dressing table. And that’s not all. It also has a deep compartment for all your personal care and grooming appliances.

But what about that other mess? How do we deal with this habit of just tossing used clothes in some corner of the room. Well, The Butler comes with a large enough laundry basket so that nobody leaves a pile of dirty clothes all over the floor. Ever again.

And just to make your wardrobe look nice on the outside as well, this unit comes with open shelves on the side where you can arrange books or all those sentimental gifts and photos.


This is a wardrobe that understands your needs and grows with your lifestyle. Because magic happens on the inside and on the outside as well. So Be DiffeRENT! Rent the Infinity Wardrobe and you will never have to worry about storage space again.

Check out the infinite awesomeness for yourself! Watch the video.

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