They say that the Diwan is a piece of furniture that even Sigmund Freud swore by – he used it as his psychoanalytic couch, draped with a Persian rug and cushions. With its origin in Persia, the Diwan has repeatedly been used as a fashionable and romantic element in most works of art and literature. While you mull over these factoids, we’re giving you reasons to make your own living space more chic with a Diwan bed:

Seating by day, Sleeping by Night

Diwan for living room- seating by day, bed by night

It isn’t rocket science to understand that the classic seating arrangement in a living room usually includes a 3 seater + 2 single seater sofas, around a coffee table. Add a Diwan to this layout, and you have a sitting as well as a sleeping option, where you can lounge around during the day, take a power nap in the afternoon (the secret to success as it is being called) or even turn in for the night. It makes for a great guest bed too!

Storage & Space Saving

Diwan for living room- Storage

Urban homes are all about making the most use of compact spaces, but also while not compromising on the look and feel. Our Nauka Diwan answers this question effectively – it offers plenty of storage space below the bed’s surface, and also has twin shelves on display for your favourite books, CDs or even board games. Win-win!

Easy & Inexpensive Decor

Diwan for living room- Inexpensive Decor

A well crafted Diwan can be an artisan pick which adds character to your living room. If the rest of your living room furniture is modern or contemporary, the diwan can give the space a traditional or vintage collector’s look. Throw in some large, pastel or floral cushions, or bolsters, and you’ve got yourself a soft, dreamy aesthetic that is inexpensive to achieve.

Cushion Love

Living Room Decor- Walls

Cushion lovers will love Diwans because – that’s right – they can add more cushions in their living room. There really is no rule of thumb when it comes to choosing cushions for your Diwan. The more, the merrier. Mix and match striped or floral cushions, with solid vibrant colours, and you might just create a favourite spot for yourself from where you refuse to get up. (Sheldon Cooper, is that you?)


Diwan for living room- Portable

The one thing people will always rave about when it comes to furniture is its ability to be picked up and placed literally anywhere in the house, other than its original assigned location. The Diwan bed doesn’t always have to adorn your living room area – it can be a guest bed in a spare room, or a spot in the study where you can read, finish work, or finish that series with 10 episodes and 5 seasons.

Consider these reasons when you’re thinking of changing or modifying your living space – and bask in the comforting feeling of knowing that you have chosen a stylish and practical addition to it.

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