This is the question everyone asks us. Why should we rent furniture? Buying furniture is not like buying a house that it is out of the reach of the common man. Yes they may be expensive, but they definitely are not impossible to buy. In fact, do we know anybody around us here in India who is renting furniture? Chances are low to nil.

But my dear friend, there is a case for renting furniture. It depends on what stage of life you are in or who you are.

(1) Are you a college going grad? – There are umpteen students (at least in Bangalore) who share a 3-BHK apartment close to their college. They are in for a short-term arrangement (max 2-4 years) after which they know that they would go on their own career paths. Most of these students, even though their parents can afford it, sleep on a makeshift bed on the floor along with little or no furniture in the house. The argument here is why would you want to invest in furniture when you know that you are going to be out of here within a few years.

The answer – Try renting furniture !!

(2) Are you the FOB (fresh-on-board) in one of the IT giant companies from a different city? – On the first week of joining, while you are signing hundreds of documents (bank accounts, home rental agreement et al), chances are that you pay no heed to what you are going to be sleeping or sitting on once you land up a house. Some of you (the I-can’t-sleep-on-the-floor kind) would head to the nearest furniture shop and most likely plonk down 20-30K (of dad’s hard-earned money since you haven’t got your paycheck yet) for some crappy furniture and get yourself the so-called comforts of home.

The answer for you (sinning by repeating) – Why buy? Rent Furniture !! And to think about paying after you get your first paycheck !! Talk about being independent from the first month !

(3) Are you the software engineer who is flying to San Jose next week for a 6-month assignment? – Come on this is a no-brainer. So it’s been two years since you have joined your company and the company decides to send you on a 6-month long vacation (oops sorry work abroad). Over the past two years, having graduated from bachelorhood, some sense has prevailed and you have a better living standard. You bought the single cot, the two-seater to sit, a wardrobe to keep your stuff. But oops, what do you do with them now? Sell them on Ebay for throwaway price because you just have 1 week before the flight? Or ship it off to mom & pop’s already crowded house?

Didn’t we say it’s a no-brainer? – Why buy ? Just Rent !!

(4) Are you newly married and renting a house? – Yep we know, it’s a great feeling. 🙂 Do enjoy this time (because it doesn’t last long :):)) Hey but aren’t you thinking of moving back to Gurgaon because an opportunity is knocking at the door. But alas, you now have bought the grand queen cot from Home Town, the beautiful his & her wardrobe, the plush sofa-set (just to impress the nai dulhan !!). Your home looks great, but so are you poorer by a lakh and now you have to shell out a fortune to ship them to Gurgaon !

The answer – I thought we said – Why buy ? Just rent my dear !!

(4) Are you the one who has booked a flat which is due next December? – Hmmm…tricky. The builder has a tendency to delay. He has already delayed by a year and a half. But you do need that extra double-cot for the frequent guests that you host. So you end up shelling 30K to buy the cot (which by the way you get fleeced for low quality). But you know that it doesn’t match with the decor you intend for your new home or the new home just doesn’t have the space for it.

The answer – Again.. why buy? Just rent the double cot !!

I guess we have made the point. There are quite a few reasons why one should think about renting and not buying furniture. I guess the immediate question would be what choice do we have. Yes you do – Furlenco. We are here to solve your problem with minimum pain for you.

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