Who doesn’t like surprises? That too from someone you love! Yes, every day can be a surprise when you’re in a relationship. But you guys, it’s Valentine’s day! It’s LITERALLY a day dedicated to romance. So, why not pull up your socks and make your special one go ‘OH!’?

We’re not talking about the predictable Valentine’s Day gifts. Roses and chocolates are something you can figure out on your own. And no, we don’t have Professor Snape’s love potion recipe. However, the list we’ve put together will give you other special ways to surprise your loved one! Read on.

Go old school

Valentines day gift- Handmade

Living in the digital age, we often tend to forget the old school charm of handwritten letters and mixtapes. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than pouring your feelings into words, or better yet, music?

A box of memories

Valentines day surprise- Box of Memories

This is an offbeat Valentine’s Day surprise, and it isn’t for everyone. It’s for all of you hoarders out there who’ve collected all those movie tickets, cards, notes and memories, all along the way. Put together all the tokens and you’ll get the loveliest V-day gift. Ever.

Breakfast in bed

Valentines day gift- Food

What better way to start their day with their favourite meal in bed? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to good food as Valentine’s Day surprise? So make them some heart-shaped eggs and red velvet pancakes, and throw in some hot chocolate too! If they’re the aloo paratha or idli-dosa kinds, throw in some of that too. Whatever makes your partner swoon!

Massage for the soul

Valentines Day- Massage

Who doesn’t love a therapeutic massage? All it takes are some scented candles, aromatic essential oils, and a little extra effort from your end. Massages are romantic and sensual, so when it comes to how to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, this is definitely one of our top picks.

Light those candles

Light it up

Candlelight dinners are underrated. It can the mood for a great night ahead. With some soulful music,  lip-smacking food, and a lovely ambience, your loved one is definitely in for a treat. If you want to keep it intimate, you can do this at home, and even cook for them!

A weekend getaway

Spending some quality time alone is always exciting. This will be the perfect surprise if V-Day falls on a weekend. Of course, you can always postpone your celebrations too! As long as you get to surprise them with some lone-love-time.

Valentine’s treasure hunt

Does your love, love puzzles? This one is for them! Catch your SO off-guard with a lovey-dovey scavenger hunt, that leads them to lead to a romantic dinner or destination! It’ll turn out to be like a dream, don’t you think?

Spruce their space

Choose the right accent table

Everyone loves to have a good space for themselves, so why not gift your partner just that? Adding an element of comfort will be a good way to start! You can always rent furniture to add to their personal space! Let them lounge in it and love you some more.

Relax together

Valentines day surprise- Relax Together

This is a win-win for both the partners. What better way to celebrate than getting pampered together? A relaxing and rejuvenating couple spa day is the answer to all your Valentine’s Day surprise queries.

Customized gift baskets FTW

Valentines day surprise- Gift Basket

Nothing says love like hand-picking gifts, especially for your loved one. Bringing together all their favourites in one beautiful basket is obviously a good idea. Needless to say, you will definitely win brownie points for this one.

These are some ways for you to nail the Valentine’s Day surprise. But sometimes, it is best to go with your gut, and do what you think your loved one will enjoy. So, don’t fret too much over it. Seize the day and just let love take its course!

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