Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure on the love bugs out there when it comes to gifting. Most Valentine’s Day gifts are predictable, with the mundane flowers, the usual chocolates and a giant (not-so-surprise) teddy bear.

We are here to bring to the table some Valentine’s Day gift ideas to rekindle your romance. With some quirky and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas, say hello to a fun-filled Feb 14th.

1. Handmade gifts FTW

Valentines day gift- Handmade

Handmade/homemade gifts are the epitome of care. It can be a handmade card, sweater, décor or jewellery; it’s the thought that counts. This is perhaps one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day we could think of.

2. Time to match it up

Valenines day gifts- Matching T shirts

Matching t-shirts although it sounds cheesy is a special way to let your better half know you love them. You can turn an inside joke, a special date or even traits of the relationship into quirky t-shirts that match.

3. The ultimate way to his/her heart

Valentines day gift- Food

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about food. Food is a way to reach and conquer hearts. It can be something as simple as a nice home-cooked picnic, to a freshly baked cake, or even a three-course meal somewhere fancy.

4. An opportunity to make more memories

Gift coupons and certificates to experiences are great Valentine’s Day gifts. From movie vouchers to concert tickets, to event tickets, a small piece of paper has the potential to make extraordinary memories together.

5. Spruce up his/her home

Valentines day gifts- spruce up home

This gift lasts longer than most. You can make your SO’s home a whole lot lovelier with some new furniture, décor or appliances. If you can’t afford to buy new pieces, you can always rent furniture that speaks a thousand words.

6. Let the love grow green

Valentines Gift Ideas- Plants
Source: Pinterest

Plants like love need nurturing, care and oodles of affection. Plants are symbolic to love, and it’s one of our top picks when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. A bonsai with fruits or flowers or even setting up a herb garden for your loved one is a good way to go.

7. Help them love thy body

Diwali Gifts- Handmade Soaps

Although gifting body care products is a normal thing, we think it deserves more credit than it gets. Customized body care kits keeping in mind the requirements of your loved one is a great gift. And it is a gift that slowly shows progress and happiness.

8. A bottle of loveValentines day gift- Wine

Alcoholic beverages make for great gifts. Be it wine, a killer scotch, or a mean bottle of tequila, alcoholic gifts are loved. I’m sure you guys agree too. A nice bottle of your loved one’s favourite drink, says ‘I love you’ like no other Valentine’s Day gift.

9. Light up your love

Lights make great Valentine’s Day gifts. From fancy fairy lights to ethereal lamps, to quirky lanterns, lights like love come in many shapes. Lights are symbolic to love, with the energy and balance it brings to a room. And what better way to say that you care?

There are a million unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to explore, and it honestly depends on the likes and dislikes of your better half. With our Valentine’s Day hacks, you can stand above the cliché gifts, and actually, make someone’s day!

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