We often come across the term ‘spring cleaning’. We have cracked something that makes more sense than spring cleaning. Presenting to you – New Year home improvement. A brand new year marks a new beginning, a time to start fresh, a time for a change and definitely a season for improvement.

Home improvement can be a tricky word. Is it decluttering? Adding décor? Making a space more functional? There are so many layers to it, which most people fail to understand. Home improvement is a combination of decluttering, beautifying and adding functionality. And as we enter 2019, let’s make our homes new and improved. Here are a few home improvement tips that could come in handy while welcoming the New Year.

Paint those old wallsPaint- Home Improvement Tips

Nothing gives a home a fresher feel than some good paint. Painting adds volume and light to a room, along with giving it a brand new feel. Throw in some texture to the paint, and you’ve just taken home improvement to a whole new level.

Declutter with furniture

Furniture takes up most of the space in any home. Hence, making it hard to declutter. Using multi-functional or space saving furniture is the best solution here. Furniture that changes shape and size according to the need of the hour, and that comes with storage is the way to go.  

Give in to the 3 R’s

There’s nothing like reducing clutter and consumption, reusing products and recycling. Upcycling products to create new ones reduces consumption while keeping in mind the recycling factor. From functional products to décor, the 3 R’s can create wonders.

Exterior matters too

We often focus only on the interiors of our homes. Thus, ignoring the exterior. Painting, cleaning and power washing the exterior are extremely crucial. From windows to the main door, every element of the exterior must be worked upon.

Replace the essentials

Essentials such as light bulbs, fans, switchboards, plug points and air conditioners see a lot of wear and tear. It is essential to replace, repair and improve these areas. Being the basics, having the essentials up to rank often makes living a whole lot easier.

Cleaning your closetCloset Organisation- Home Improvement Tips

Our wardrobe is often the go-to place to shove in any mess we don’t want within our eyesight. Introspect every item in your closet and figure out if you’ll actually wear them. And discard everything that you do not see yourself in, in the near future.

Upgrade the lighting

Lighting plays a big role in sprucing up the ambience of any space. But it comes with a cost. In order to tactfully tackle the exorbitant costs of lighting, adopting LED lighting is an ideal approach. It consumes lesser power and lasts significantly longer than other lights.

Upgrade your surrounding

Getting rid of obsolete and ancient equipment is a must. From old VCD players to old kitchen appliances, our homes are the storage spaces for many things that we simply don’t use. Getting rid of them frees up space for things that actually matter.

Save all the energy you can

Using sustainable and renewable sources of energy is the future. From installing solar panels, and wind turbines on the roof your homes, to exploring geothermal options, renewable energy isn’t a far-fetched dream anymore. Home improvement starts here.

Organize those cabinets

Be it our kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms, cabinets play a huge role in shaping a home. Keeping them organized and in order simplifies our life by many folds. Not to mention, the peace of mind that comes with having a systematized space.

Home improvement starts with the basic thought of making a space organized and improved. Although there are several ways to tackle home improvement, it starts from the basics mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Start improving your home for a beautiful 2019!

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