Bibliophile? We know how difficult it is to control the urge to buy new books. And we don’t blame you! Those fresh, crisp pages won’t read themselves, right? Plus there’s nothing like snuggling up with some hot cocoa and a good book.

And while buying books comes naturally, accommodating them doesn’t. A mini library at home is perhaps every bookworm’s true paradise. No surprises there. But how do you set up one? Well, here are some ways to create a mini library, right at home.

1. Keep it natural

Mini Library- Bookshelf

When it comes to a home library, presentation is essential. An airy and lit reading space is much better than a crammed one. Even a portion of a huge room works well. A room with adequate natural light is a big bonus. And if you don’t want to go all out and get something practical, you can always rent a bookshelf

2. Seating on point

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Special Zone

Comfortable seating is a big factor in crafting a perfect mini library at home. Some read lying down, while some like to sit on a table, while others like to recline. Ideally, it should be a mix of all the mentioned factors, and as per individual taste.

3. Add bits of ‘you’

Mini Library- Personalize

A mini library plays the role of a go-to space for most bookworms. Hence, a personal touch is essential to keep the space warm and comfortable. From décor to shelves, and the seating, make sure it suits your habits and liking.

4. Comfy is the word

Making your library at home cosy is important. With rugs, blankets and comfy cushions, ‘cozying-up’ your home library adds harmony to it. Even décor must be something that creates a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you.

5. Flexibility is key

Choose the right accent table

The mini library at home needs to be flexible as per the situation. The space around your must be versatile enough to keep the atmosphere formal, casual and comfortable. Using multi-functional furniture such as sofa-cum-beds and storage chairs does the magic.

6. A for alphabetize

It’s easy to get lost while digging out your favourite book . It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, in order to keep it simple, arrange the books in an alphabetical order of the authors, and have a stress-free reading time! You can also stack your books category-wise! Keeping comics, fiction, non-fiction, magazines and so on, all in different sections is a great home library organization hack.

7. Blend style and function

Mini Library- Decor

Nobody likes a boring home library or a highly unorganized one. Hitting the right balance between style and function is a must. Adding pieces of décor which don’t obstruct the reading process is one easy example of mixing style and functionality.

8. Make some room

Unless you plan on giving away books on a regular basis, the book worm in you is likely to gather more books. Plan for the future, by considering expansion plans for the mini-library or simply give them away to goodwill. Both work out well!

There’s no need to fret over creating a mini library at home. Follow our tips, and watch that home library unfold into a magical space.

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