When it comes to a studio apartment, most of us are left clueless as to how to set it up. Usually coming with space constraints, ‘how to set up a studio apartment’ is a question that boggles many minds. While setting up a studio apartment, planning is essential. In order to make use of and decorate every inch of the apartment, a little effort, heart and soul must go into it. Otherwise, it will end up feeling like a dorm room, or worse yet a hostel. Here are some basic rules to follow in order to set up a studio apartment, with minimum hassle and maximum style.

1. The mirror effect

Studio apartment setup- Mirror

Mirrors have the magical ability to create a spacious look to a room. It adds to the ambience while making the room look large and airy. You can save space by adding wall mirrors, and voila, your room looks spacious like never before.

2. Multi-functional furniture

Studio apartment setup- multi functional furniture

This is perhaps the best invention suited for studio apartments. Infinity wardrobe and storage beds play a key role in furnishing small spaces. Sofa-cum-beds and futons also work well with studio apartments.

3. Decorate the walls

Setup Studio Apartment- Wall Decor

Who doesn’t like the use of décor to spruce up any living space? Well, in the case of a studio apartment’s finding space for décor could be a bit of an ordeal. In order to ensure décor in small spaces, wall décor is a good way to go.

4. Separate the living areas

Most studio apartments don’t take into consideration the day-to-day lives and routines in terms of design. It is essential to have seating space beside the bed. A couch, chairs, and a table must occupy different sections of the home.

5. Amplify every nook

Studio apartment setup- corner decor

No corner must be left unattended when it comes to small spaces. Adding different elements that amplify functionality and ambience of the room is a must. From plants to corner shelves, the space must be tied together despite the size of the home.

6. Play with separators

Studio apartment setup- divider

Does the no walls factor of your living space come in the way of your privacy? Using curtains, room dividers and folding screens work perfectly to solve your problem. This way, you can separate the different zones within your home.

7. Keep it simple

Studio apartments have the burden of bearing all of a person’s belongings. In order to set up a studio apartment, it is essential to keep the décor and design simple, in order to make it look less cluttered.

8. Stick to a theme

Studio apartment setup

When we say theme we mean sticking to a palette and overall theme of the home. Keeping in mind the space constraint and the quick transition within the space, a uniform theme is a must.

9. Make-shift shelves go a long way

Studio apartment setup- shelves

From attaching a piece of plywood to the wall to sticking cartons on the walls, storage is essential in a studio. Due to the size, storage must be incorporated on walls as much as possible. It serves as a place for décor as well.

10. Make it modular

Studio apartment setup- modular

Modular simply refers to cleverly planned integrated living spaces, that save space. Including cupboards, shelves, chairs, beds and cabinets that are modular makes your space customizable, easily adjustable and functional.

There are umpteen ways to go about decorating a studio apartment. But it is essential to keep in mind that simplicity, functionality and flexibility are key when it comes to designing a small space. And the rest will follow!

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