Who doesn’t love a perfectly put-together home? From the cute centrepieces to the curtains, from the sofa to the cushion, every small element plays a huge role in defining the aura of a home. While picking out the right cushions might seem like the least important task in setting up a space, you couldn’t be more wrong. The sofa as a whole plays a key role in tying the room together. It brings out the quintessential ‘feel’ of the room. And the cushions, well, they are the cherry to the cake. The might be small, but they play a powerful role in crafting a cosy, comfortable and stylish space.

Clearly, picking out the right set of cushions is important. But as most of you are wondering, what is the best way to go about with this? The best modern cushions for sofas can be confusing, and here we are yet again, to solve your dilemmas. We bring to you, some of the snazziest tips to select cushions for your sofa. So stop wishing, and pick those cushions.

Define the palette

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A cushion must be defined according to the palette of the sofa, and the room altogether. By analyzing the elements and textures in your room, and putting together your cushions accordingly makes the most sense. Once the tone and palette of the space is defined, the task of selecting a cushion is much more simplified.

Say no to matching

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This is an important point to note while getting cushions for sofa sets. In many cases, cushions come along with the sofa, in the same colour. Using the same coloured cushions as your sofa is the biggest blunder you can make. Complementing colours, textures and patterns create an amazing vibe for your home. They can be considered as décor on their own.

How many are too many?

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Who doesn’t love a whole bunch of cushions on the couch, we sure do! But overloading the space with cushions is a bit of a hindrance and an eye-sore. Depending on the other décor of the room, and the size of the sofa, the number of cushions must be decided. The bigger the sofa, the more cushions and vice versa.

Choosing the one

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Selecting the right set of cushions is now easier, once you’ve followed the other steps. It is important to play with colour and texture, in order to make it more interesting. But sticking to the defined palette is a must. Pick the colour the blends in with the space, while standing out. Choosing them online and offline works well, if the sizes are right.

Arranging the cushions

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There are different ways to arrange the cushions for the sofa. You can neatly stack them on either side or lay them across the couch. If you have cushions of different patterns or textures, you can stack them with their complementary pieces next to it. In terms of the arrangement, you can always mix and match styles, until you find the one you like the best.

Hope the mentioned tips come in handy to you while sprucing up your space. If choosing sofa’s and cushions aren’t your cups of tea, you can always rent sofa sets. Since the furniture usually comes with matching cushions while renting, you are saved from the hassle of selecting them yourselves. So, there’s no need to rack your brains over this.

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