Choosing kids furniture is an art. One that requires immense patience, dedication, and logic. We’re all aware that children outgrow their clothes at the speed of light but their room is a space that grows with them; grows on them. So deciding the right kind of furniture is crucial as it caters to their needs and captures their imagination – all at the same time.

So let’s look at some handy tips on kids furniture ideas and how you can choose the perfect kind that’s flexible and endearing – much like your kid’s childhood.

1. Cost, Theme, & Flexibility: The Triple-Edged Sword

Kids Furniture- Theme

First-and-foremost think about your budget and define the room’s purpose. Once, you’ve nailed these two elements, you can choose the theme – it could be superpowers, fairy tales, magic, shapes, etc. The best way to get going is by investing in flexible furniture that goes with your central theme and can be repurposed and at different stages. Take for example Furlenco’s Bunk Beds with Study & Storage collection that allows them to study, sleep, play and day-dream – all at the same place.

2. Introduce a World of Colours – The Unconventional Way

Kids Furniture- World of Colors

Every child has their own taste and it’s important to integrate their preferences when designing the room. Whether it’s choosing the paint on the walls or the colour of the furniture or even the wallpaper, it’s nice to have your child’s say in it. You no longer have to stick to the “pink equals girl” and “blue equals boy” strategy, so go for vibrant colours (avoid warm ones such as bright green, purple, etc.) and neutral hues. You can always deck up the room with the use of patterns and textures.

3. Light Up the Room with Natural Lighting

Kids Furniture- Natural Lighting

Studies suggest that a dull, dim-lit room can have a negative impact on a child’s brain. Conversely, bright and vibrant spaces elevate their mood and ensure they’re in a happy place – literally. Sure, artificial lights overhead matter but ensure there’s plenty of natural light and window space in the room for some fresh air.

4. Think Scale, Proportion, & Balance

Kids Furniture- Scale, Proportion & Balance

One of the most important considerations is understanding the scale of furniture to be used. The child’s comfort and utility should be the two prime factors when choosing elements such as study table, storage solutions, bed, etc. You can also browse through Furlenco’s Jumble Camp collection that comes with cushions that turn into forts, a tent, and an activity table. One of the best parts about renting such kind of furniture is that you can change it as and when your child outgrows them. Plus, it adds an element of diversity in terms of shapes and sizes giving the room a wonderful “Adventure Land” like feel – a hit amongst the kids.

5. The Two S’: Study & Storage

Kids Furniture- Two S'

Storage and solution are as necessary in a child’s room as their love for Chhota Bheem or Pokemon. But make sure that the room isn’t too cluttered with too many toys and drawers. The child should be able to roam freely and play with ease. Furlenco’s storage-cum-study solutions for children are perfect as they offer seating space, storage space, and space for unlimited fun!  The mantra is simple: the more creative the surroundings, the more creative the child will be!

To spell it out: Your child’s room and furniture should be a reflection of their personality and not yours. So keep these 5 factors in mind and say hello to a room that’ll be warm, inviting, fun, and Insta-worthy – much like the memories you’ll soon be making inside them!

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