Make life awesome. Rent furniture
That smile on your face when you see that SMS says it all. Congratulations! Your first salary has arrived. Your heart is swelling with pride, your mind is still taking in the moment, and nothing can stop you from feeling independent and all powerful.
But, like your friendly-neighborhood superhero suggests: “with great power comes great responsibility”. Those responsibilities would include buying your parents gifts, treating your friends for dinner, and, most importantly, doing up your home to make it more liveable.
Suddenly, you don’t feel so empowered anymore. ‘And’ has become ‘Or’. Should you buy gifts for your parents, treating your friends or buy furniture? Wait! Figuring this out isn’t difficult. What if we told you that you can do everything — gift your parents something awesome, take your friends out somewhere awesome, and rent some awesome furniture for your home.
With Furlenco’s Essentials, it is definitely possible. So just sit back, take a scroll through what we offer and find everything you need at amazingly affordable prices.
A comfortable single bed 
Sleep is important. So why compromise? Forget the make-shift arrangement on the floor and get that sturdy single bed with a comfortable mattress. It won’t cost you the moon and stars.
Dining-cum-working table 
It’s that phase of life when impressing your boss is paramount. So whether you work while you eat or eat while you work, this table is your best friend. Can’t wait to get your hands on it, right?
Storage Essentials
Don’t turn your floor into an obstacle course with all those clothes and other knick-knacks strewn around. Bring home the Storage Essentials. Because cleanliness is next to godliness.
The Bounce
You’re young, full of energy, and know how to bring the house down in a party. So why dampen the vibe with sofas. Bring home the Bounce, your very own chill zone or the most happening part of your living room where everybody has a good time without having to play musical chairs.
The Recliner
Who said that’s fancy? You’ve got your first salary. Tell the world you’ve arrived.
Still can’t get over the idea of a recliner in your home? Well, that’s the power of renting awesome furniture. Trust us, you will always be euphoric about coming home, you can live a life without compromise, and afford a better lifestyle right now. Be DiffeRENT! Be awesome!

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