Back in the 90s, a government job was the dream. And then LPG came along – No, not the gas. Liberalization, globalization, and privatization – came along. Boom, there was a new dream – a job at an MNC, a house of one’s own, a cool new Hyundai. The goodies you waited all year for, your cousins to bring when they visited, were now yours to buy. 

We’re at another point of flux now – start-ups are all the rage now. Thank you, Mr. Bansal(s). India’s big new billions? We’ve got bigger dreams still! 

And everything about us is changing. When we were growing up, we loved our annual vacations to Shimla or Kodaikanal. Now? Bali, Maldives and backpacking trips around Europe call our name! 

What’s helped us with this? The sharing economy, of course. 

Expensive trips abroad become easier when you can stay in a unique cozy little apartment in Paris, instead of having to shell out the big bucks for a hotel stay. Thank you, AirBnB. 


Getting around? We’ve got Uber for that. Gone are the days when we had to rent out cars for days at a stretch at exorbitant rates. Now, Uber will take us everywhere we need to go and help us stay un-broke too. 

Our holidays have gotten richer now that we have the time and the money to spend on the things that matter. Those savings from a hotel stay? Put them towards a bunch of delicious local meals! Or a paragliding adventure. Whatever floats your boat.


Experiences have come to define our generation, and when we’re focusing on experiences in every aspect of our lives, how come our homes are being left out? 

Would you rather stay in a lovely rented pad in Koramangala or a home you “own” somewhere far away from the action? Former, right? And rightly so. 

That’s the lens we have got to start looking at furniture with. Mutual fund investments? They grow. Gold? It grows too. Furniture, though? It begins to depreciate the second you sit on it for the first time. 

Then why are we still stuck to the old way? Why do we insist on paying EMIs on an expensive, bulky asset that depreciates every minute of it’s life? 

This realization? It’s one of those things that once you’ve seen it, you just can’t un-see. Once you’ve seen it, it’s changed you for good. Or we hope so. 

Go on, take that money, and put it towards something that’ll enrich you or your life. A mutual fund. A trip to Australia. Watching Coldplay live. Take your pick. 

As for furniture? Furlenco It


Furlenco brings you a life of no compromise – providing access to trendy, good looking furniture complete with decor, lamps, cushions, and rugs. It lets us change when we are bored. It gives a free furniture deep clean every 6 months. And it has a no questions asked damage waiver of Rs. 10,000. 

Seems like the obvious choice? You bet.


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