This doesn’t involve complex spells, magic potions or god-like superpowers. This won’t make your room look like the cool Batcave or Superman’s fortress of solitude or Iron Man’s Lab. But, what this will do is ensure that you will have the most awesome kind of room ever. Did we say ‘room’? Sorry, we meant ‘super room’. How?

It is as simple as renting furniture from Furlenco. You might be thinking: “Really? So much build up and you say this?” Well, it’s true. Superpowers don’t come from just the Marvel or DC universe. They can come from doing the simplest of things. So what kind of superpower do you get when you rent furniture? Firstly, you don’t get a superpower. You get superpowers. Yes, more than one. Imagine a ‘Super-Spider-Iron-Bat-Man’. Cool, right?

First superpower:

We call it Super Value. Because you can furnish your entire home in just Rs. 2000 a month. Imagine an entire home, sofas, bed, et al, at less than what you spend on travelling every month. That’s a superpower alright!

Second superpower:

We call it Super Flexible. Because you can change your furniture according to your needs. Your parents are coming to your home for the first time. You’re hosting your friends for that intense game night. You’re in a relationship and have to upgrade from that bachelor pad. Or you broke up and don’t want to see anybody for a while (we’re sorry if that happens),  Furlenco allows you to swap furniture so that you will only have what you need.

Third superpower:

We call it Super Easy. Imagine what would happen if Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark had to move houses. Their nemesis would be all that furniture and there would be new movies titled: ‘Batman vs. Bad Cave’ or ‘Iron Man or I Run Man’. PJs apart, your life is much simpler. When you rent from Furlenco, you don’t have to worry about your furniture when you relocate. We will take care of it for you. For free. And that’s how we save the day!

Life is super awesome when you rent furniture from Furlenco. Because there are so many things you can do. It’s like magic. It’s like having a superpower. And yet, it’s so simple. All it takes is a tap of a button. So be diffeRENT! And rent from Furlenco.

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