Living in the city is awesome. Everything you need, delivered at your doorstep. But, if you are someone who enjoys living in the city then you are probably someone who knows the importance of space, whether it’s your personal space in crowded places, or space to move your vehicle in traffic jams, or space in your cozy apartment which may seem cramped sometimes.

Unfortunately, we have no control over population or traffic. But at Furlenco, we do have great storage solutions to help make your space clutter free. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Infinite space

You’re living with your partner and there is always a squabble about the wardrobe space you share with them. You want to fold your clothes while your partner insists on wanting to hang them and thus begins the epic drama in your house. Fret not, we present you with the Infinity Wardrobe.

A great storage solution, with adjustable shelves and a hanging space, so you can hang your clothes or stack them. You can also add units to the wardrobe to make more space. Rent the awesome Infinity Wardrobe and your partner and you will never have to argue over wardrobe space again.

  1. A storage dream

Your bedroom is your intimate space. It’s a room filled with your most personal belongings and you could always do with more space to store them away. This is why renting our Vitello storage bed is ideal for you.

Storage Solution

A queen bed for a comfortable night’s sleep and storage space to keep all your extra belongings so you have a clutter-free bedroom.

  1. A mini workstation

We are sure there are days when you feel like working from the comfort of your home and it goes without saying that you’ll want to keep your work corner tidy and organized. Our Mini Workstation is perfect solution for you.

Storage Solution

Rent our Mini Workstation, a comfortable single seater with a multipurpose work table with storage space to stash away your work documents and files.

  1. Mojito living room

Living in compact houses may be cozy but if you are someone who likes to hoard, then we suspect that space is definitely an issue. With our awesome Mojito living room, a storage solution package for your living room, you can continue to nurse that hoarder in you while keeping your living room clutter free.

Storage Solution

Rent the Mojito living room for a comfortable, sectional storage sofa that can be placed to form an L-shaped sofa, along with a classic wooden center table with bonus space to keep your books and magazines.

And there you have it! Here are our storage solutions to help keep your home clutter-free and clean. Rent awesome furniture from Furlenco and come home to your favorite space.

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