Whatever kind of sports fan you are, we have the furniture to ensure that you have a great time watching the game you love. So rent awesome furniture and make your seat, the best seat in the house.

Are you The Emotional Fan?

Your team has won! You are extremely emotional, you want to roll around and cry and laugh and scream with joy. Rent The Emotional Fan package and you can have all the place to roll around and bounce with happiness.

The Emotional Fan

Are you The FANatic?

Your team is playing and you are completely psyched to watch them. What better way than to rent The FANatic package and recline in your favourite chair as your team wins the game.

The Fanatic

Are you The Superstitious Fan?

You’re praying for your team’s success and don’t want to move cause you might jinx the moment. Rent The Superstitious Fan package, find that lucky position, stretch your legs, and watch your favourite game comfortably.

The Superstitious Fan

Are you The Nervous Wreck?

Sitting at the edge of your seat? Biting your nails? Is the game nerve racking? Rent The Nervous Wreck package and go comfortably numb with anxious excitement.

The Nervous Wreck

Every furniture ever, for every sports fan ever. Get your game space on. Rent awesome furniture from Furlenco!

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