Working the dream job in the big city? Well, congratulations! It’s everything you’ve ever wished for! But it all comes at a cost. You have to leave behind your home, your dependency, and of course, your space.

The bigger the metropolitan city, the smaller your apartment. Yes, we said it – urban living comes with space constraints. But cramming your world into a tiny apartment doesn’t have to be a nightmare! You can play it smart with space-saving furniture, and we’re here to tell you how. Here are some space saving furniture ideas for a small, but non-cluttered and happy home.

1. Kill the extras

Bed- Bedroom Furniture

Decluttering is the way to go! So, before you dive deep into the space-saving furniture ideas, get rid of everything you’ve been hoarding for years. It’s time. Plus, if you need new furniture, you can always rent it on Furlenco!

2. Plan it out

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Big Pieces

Once that’s out of the way, bring out the designer in you and start arranging your furniture room-wise. Find a spot in your bedroom and create a lounging space. For your living room, try the L-shaped way of seating to keep the conversations going.

3. Mount them up

Studio apartment setup- shelves

Yes, we’re talking wall shelves. Cabinets and floor shelves are great, but not of the best use in a small space. Wall shelves, on the other hand, have their own charm. You can store the same amount of things, without losing out on ground space. And they make good decor too! It’s a win-win.

4. Get them to multitask

Space Saving Ideas- Bounce

Nothing saves and creates space like a piece of furniture that doubles up as storage. Be it a diwan or a bed, there are various kinds of multi-functional furniture you can choose from. No space to accommodate your friends? Maybe Bounce is ideal for your all-night parties. When they leave, you can just stack it all up!

5. Sofa today, bed tomorrow

Space Saving Ideas- Sofa-cum-bed

Sofa-cum-beds or futons are a popular choice with urban dwellers. Especially for people living in a studio apartment, a sofa-cum-bed is the perfect way to have a living room and accommodate those sudden guests at the same time.

6. Keep the tots together

Kids Room- Bedroom Furniture

If you have children, the more space you save, the better! And bunk beds are a classic when it comes to space saving furniture. They’re super-fun and they’ll bring your kids closer to each other while giving them a space of their own.

7. All-in-one

If you’re looking for space-saving furniture just to store things, storage racks are the ‘in’ thing. Every supermarket or online portal sells these handy racks that can be used to keep your extras. Some move, while others are collapsible. Rest assured, you’ll be spoilt for choice while picking one out.

8. Do they move?

Collapsible furniture is a new growing trend when it comes to space-saving furniture. From wardrobes to shoe racks and to shelves – collapsible furniture is flexible and perfect for when you want to create more room. The big bonus here is that it’s easy to carry around.

Space-saving furniture has gained popularity over the years. And we certainly see it growing in the next few decades. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving space today!

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