At first glance, home décor ideas seem very complicated and confusing. But the reality is the fact that home décor is a piece of cake if you do it right. Our fast-paced busy lives often deprive us the time to indulge in home decoration. And in many cases, maintaining this décor proves to be a big hassle. Add to this the exorbitant costs that come with decorating a house, and every homemaker feels demotivated from decking up the living spaces.

Today, we all seek simplicity. Be it simplicity in design, functionality, or the merely the process. The minimalist and simplistic chain of thought has us trying to simplify every situation. And we’re here to give you ideas for the same. From small colour changes to rearranging your furniture, we aim to help you transform your space without racking your brain over it. And guess what? You don’t have to pay an arm and leg for it. So don’t sweat!

We feel your décor woes, so we want to make your life easier. We have put together some cost-effective and creative ways to transform your living space. Through the help of some simple home décor ideas, your dream living space is now a reality.

Create your own art

Home Decor- Create your own art

Creating your own pieces of art that adorn the walls is an easy way to spice up your space. Splashing about your favourite colours on a canvas and taking prints of posters of your choice is a popular idea. By customizing your space you’re in for one of the most the simple home décor ideas to execute. This way, your walls reflect your personality.

Rearrange your living room

Home Decor- Focal Point

Imagine not having to pay for a fresh new look. Sounds like magic doesn’t it? All you have to do is rearrange your furniture.  Sprucing up your living space, just got a whole lot simpler, without leaving you broke.  But do keep in mind factors such as convenience and comfort while rearranging your space.

Concentrate on a focal point

Home Decor- Focal Point

This age-old idea thrives on concentrating the décor on one focal point of the room, which grabs all the attention. This way, you wouldn’t have to pour your effort into decorating other parts of the room. Very often it is done on the more prominent wall, or around the television. You could also choose a cosy nook in your house, and work around it.

Add a touch of green

Home Decor- Add Green

Adding plants to your living room is probably one of best home décor ideas. Believe it or not, this idea works with bedrooms and bathrooms. Indoor plants enhance the ambience by many folds while purifying the air of the space. It is easy to maintain and the temperature in your house is balanced like never before.

Spill some colour

Home Decor- Add Colors

A dash of colour in a monotonous environment adds life to it. You can do so by investing in a colourful object or even painting existing pieces of furniture. Whether it is a colourful wall, couch, curtain, rug or a piece of furniture, a little colour goes a very long way in augmenting the feel of a room. So get those colours splashing!

Play with lights

Lighting is an essential component in home decoration. There are umpteen options when it comes to lighting in terms of style, design, size and patterns. Play with these options to create a good vibe. We highly recommend warm colours for living spaces, as it radiates a calm aura. Throw in some coloured lighting to see the true magic unfold. Your home is just going to get LIT!

Up-cycle the recycled

Home Decor- Bottle Decor

Don’t throw away things like bottles, cans, old paper or fabric. Instead transform them to vases, lights, planters, origami and cushion covers. With endless possibilities, up-cycling these elements, not only save the environment, but they add to the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. In the meanwhile, they make for a solid family-time activity, to keep the energy flowing.

Make the walls your gallery

Home Decor- Wall Art

Whether it is to display your artistic abilities in the form of wall painting, or hanging up your photographs, walls play a crucial role in housing décor. Family photographs, in particular, play a key role in creating an aura of comfort, love and serenity within the home. And every home should radiate them. So, stop worrying and start hanging them frames!

One-of-a-kind pieces

One-of-a-kind pieces add a unique appeal to your space. Whether it is a piece of antique furniture or something you built from scratch, anything out of the ordinary works. Dramatic doors, old-school shelves and rustic chairs, are all examples of simple home décor ideas that go a long way. All it takes is one piece of furniture!

Re-upholster the furniture

Perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to completely transform a room, re-upholstering the furniture always works. You can experiment with a completely different fabric, material, texture or design, to enhance the look and feel of your space. This way, you’re sticking to familiar décor, but the re-vamp gives it a fresh new feel!

Want to jazz up your living space, but have no time? Do you love décor but are too busy for it? For those of you who have a busy life with absolutely no time or interest for decor, you can always rent your furniture to suit your living space. With customized themes to suit any kind of home, your dream home is just a click away!

Hope you’re inspired enough for a decor make-over. So, don’t fret, it’s time for your home to get set!

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