Over the years, World Environment Day an initiative by the United Nations for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment has grown bigger. It is being celebrated in over 100 countries and also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, rousing individual actions into a combined power that produces an exponential positive impact on the planet.

One of the major reasons affecting the environment worldwide is ‘Deforestation’ which is a cruel cycle. It is not just the loss of tree cover, but it also helps in changing the whole ecosystem negatively, resulting in decreased growth in all sectors including agricultural.

In India, farming, overgrazing, timber harvesting, mining, fire wood collection, urbanization and industrialization etc., are some of the major causes of deforestation. There have been tremendous land erosion and landslides happening in India due to overgrazing and deforestation. On an average annually India is losing about 6,000 million ton of top soil due to water erosion in the absence of trees.

At present, as far as per capita land is concerned, India is the poorest in the world with around O.IO hectare of forest land compared to world average of 1 hectare. If this trend continues then in the coming 20 years India will have zero forest value.

However everything is not lost yet. There is still hope with innovative green initiatives budding all over the country e.g. a programme of the Gujarat Ecological Commission that has turned wasteland into a good agriculture-production zone, a group of people have generated organic fertilizer from waste in Bungroo and Kolkata, and to top it up the bicycling clubs in Bengaluru which acts as one of the biggest networks of bikers in the country.

There are also people like Padma Shri Jadav “Molai” Payeng, the forest man of India and Ritwick Dutta who took authorities to court for violating environmental laws and protect citizen’s right to a clean environment. There are new laws being introduced to stop people from violating environment.

Want to help save the environment?

Taking baby-steps to conserve and reuse is lot easier than you may think. You can do your bit to help save the environment by changing your daily habits. For starters, try reducing your water and power consumption, changing your transportation and eating habits, and acclimatising your home and yard to be more environment-friendly.

Furlenco’s initiative towards protecting the environment

We at Furlenco believe in conserving and preserving our environment and therefore we emphasis on recycling and reusing furniture. As a company policy, we use only plantation wood in all our furniture. Plantation wood is sustainable and helps fight deforestation of native forests. How does it work? It is simple as shown in the image below.

Once tree A is cut, a sapling is planted in its place. And by the time tree E is cut, the sapling that replaced tree A has grown back into a wholesome tree.

Furlenco is India’s first home furniture rental company based in Bangalore offering a furniture subscription service, a new concept in the furniture space that has made furnishing a home both convenient and affordable. As part of the service we rent out award winning furniture with matching furnishings and decor by way of a flexible monthly subscription fee allowing for a wholesome furniture experience. In addition, our service promises deliveries within 7 -10 days of an order being placed and the flexibility to swap furniture every year. By offering premium furniture at affordable monthly rentals, Furlenco has not only made access to quality furniture a plausible and practical option in India but also help save the environment. Be a responsible citizen and help save the environment – Rent today!

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