Rent furniture or buy furniture – a hot topic in urban homes. Although unconventional in many parts of the country, renting furniture is well received and in fact, preferred in urban cities across India. Even though renting furniture has a bunch of benefits, the trend is still catching on. If you have caught yourself debating what is better – renting or buying, then you are in the right place. Read on!

Forever on the move

In today’s fast-paced life we find ourselves satisfying their inner wanderlust with frequent relocations from city to city. With demanding jobs comes recurrent transition to different parts of the globe. In such a scenario investing high amounts of money on buying brand new furniture, only to dispose it within a short time, proves to be a big waste. Carrying them from city-to-city also proves to be as expensive as the cost of the furniture itself. The store-bought furniture is hard to replace, relocate and exchange during the event of relocation.

Keep up with changing needs

Additionally, the essence of a piece of furniture truly comes out when it is placed in the right room. Not all kinds of furniture go with all kinds of rooms. In an aesthetic sense, the structure and look and feel of a room need to be enhanced with the right kind of furniture. It is almost impossible to customize the furniture you purchase, according to your space without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Here we really understand the benefits of renting furniture. Renting furniture allows you the option of customizing it according to your space. We also throw in the option of exchange and returns so you can bid farewell to faded and dirty furniture, only to have it replaced by fresh, new pieces.

Keep it pocket-friendly

Buying your own furniture upfront is an expensive process, requiring a high amount of money that requires to be paid up front. Whereas the main benefit of renting furniture is the fact that only a negligible amount is paid up front, with a reasonable rent to be paid monthly. You don’t really feel the pinch of money leaving your account this way.

Too many vendors, too much coordination

Add to that the physical inconvenience involved in buying furniture. It is endless. From dragging yourself from shop-to-shop to finding one that delivers, to setting it up, the buying process is time-consuming as it is stressful. But, when you rent from Furlenco you get everything at a click of a button! To top it up, we personally come to deliver them, as well as set it up for you.

Delight beyond delivery

And finally, once you buy furniture from a shop, then the shop writes off the product from their hands. They are usually never accountable or involved in the case of any kinds of concern that you might have regarding the furniture. Whereas, our team works endlessly to address your every issue and concern through our dedicated customer service model. We are there for you from the beginning to the end, as you continue your journey with our quality products.

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