Pune is a flourishing metropolis, the pride of Marathas and globally known for Osho Ashram. A bustling city which beautifully blends the old world charm, colonial architecture with modern-day wonders. New to Pune? Read our Guide to Pune and become a Punekar in giffy! And as per furniture is concerned, our answer to your problem is: Renting Furniture from Furlenco in Pune.

  • Make room for Possibilities

Your home is a space you call your own. And it does not take too much to transform those empty rooms into a space that echoes your personality. Chances are you end up in a house smaller, way smaller than you thought. What then? Would you still want to buy run of the mill average furniture? Better yet, get our award winning furniture and turn that house around!

New to pune

We have an array of multitasking furniture to choose from. What’s your concern? Name it we have a solution for you!

  • Make room for Experiences

Remember YOLO? There is a clear distinction between assets and liabilities. Your home is your asset, your furniture on the other hand starts depreciating in value the moment you sit on it. Which means all the money you are thinking of putting in to buy furniture is pretty much a waste.

Rent furniture in Pune

Think of the many experiences you could have with all the money you save, if only you rent furniture. That backpacking trip across Europe, the concert of your favourite international pop-star, that hobby which you wanted to take to another level. There are just so many things in our to-do list and so little time. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your resources on experiences that make you skip a beat? In other words, you only live once.


  • Make room for Peace of Mind

Yes furnishing your home comes with a number of other hassles. But, with Furlenco you don’t have to worry about any of it! Yes, you read it right. Bored of the same furniture? Like something from our latest release? Use the swap feature and switch your furniture. Need to move to another apartment? Or another city? Use the relocation feature and the job will be done! Stained the furniture? Easy peasy! Just use the free cleaning service. And all of that, in just a tap of a button!

Rent Furniture

Still wondering how to turn your new house into a home? Simply Furlenco it! Share your feedback with us on the comment section below. You can also share swanky image of your home tagging us on any of the social media platforms, and we would love to feature you on ours.


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